International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences


Volume 1 (2006)




Diffusion in the Nocturnal Boundary Layer
Larry Mahrt and Sang-Jong Park

Size-segregated Ion Composition of Atmospheric Aerosols Observed at Seoul, South Korea
Authors: Chandra Mouli Pavuluri, Soon-Ung Park, Jong-Won Kim

Influence of Atmospheric Stability on the Cloud Drop Effective Radius Determined by Ground-based Remote Sensing
Authors: Byung-Gon Kim

Outer Layer Influence on the Scalar Transfer in the Convective Surface Layer
Authors: Sang-Jong Park and Soon-Ung Park

A Estimations of the Dust Flux in the Surface Layer Using the Monitoring Tower Data in the Hunshandake Desert Area
Authors: Hongsheng Zhang, Yan Peng, Xingzhuo Song, Soon-Ung Park, Moon-Soo Park, Youngsin Chun, Mingxu Zhao, Hongwei Zhang and Jinxiang Wang

Lead Isotope Ratios in Precipitation at Mt. Happo, Central Japan, and Trans-boundary Air Pollution
Authors: Kazunori Nakagomi, Takao Katsuno, Minoru Kawamura, Hitoshi Mukai and Kentaro Murano

A Numerical Simulation of Asian Dust (Hwangsa) Event Observed in 2005 using the Adam1 Model
Authors: Eun-Hee Lee and Soon-Ung Park

Field Measurement of Acidic Gases in the Atmosphere using A Simple Passive Sampling Method
Authors: Yoshinori Nishikawa

Impacts of biomass CHP in fructose industry on environmental emissions
Authors: J. Santisirisomboon, J. Milindalekha, B. Limmeechokchai and S. Chungpaibulpatana

Footprint analysis of SO2 emission inventory over Beijing area
Authors: Xuhui Cai, Yu Song, Ling Kang and Xuesong Wang

Spectral number concentration distributions during the Non-Asian dust and Asian dust periods observed at the SNU site in Korea in spring 2005
Authors: Ok-Hee Kim and Soon-Ung Park

Characteristics of atmospheric aerosols observed at Anmyeon, Korea during the ABC Gosan EAREX 2005 campaign period
Authors: Young-Gon Lee, Byoung-Cheol Choi, and Seong-Soo Yum

Aerosol size distributions observed at the Seoul National University Campus in Korea, Duolun and Yulin in China
Authors: Jong-Won Kim and Soon-Ung Park

Effects of synoptic system and increased emission on the change of surface ozone over East Asia in January of 1994, 1997 and 2000
Authors: C. M. Liu, M. T. Yeh and S. Paul

A Numerical Simulation of Urban Heat Island (UHI) With Incorporation of Anthropogenic Heat Flux in the Kyong-In Region of Korea
Authors: Sang-Hyun Lee and Soon-Ung Park

Corrosion and Atmospheric Depositions in Bangkok, Thailand
B.C. Panther, M.A. Hooper






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