International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 10  Number 1  (2015)




Environmental Impacts on Coastal Development In Penang, Malaysia Using RIAM (Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix)
Deepak T. J., Longinus E. U. I., Khan, M. M. H., Abdullahi M. A.

Reduction Of Global Warming Using High Performance Concrete An Experimental Investigation On Flexural Behaviour
K.Athi Gajendran, Dr.R.ANURADHA, Dr.G.S.Venkatasubramani

Seasonal Variation And Preliminary Risk Assessment Of Trace Element Pollution In Surface Water From Langat River,
Lubna Alam, Mazlin Bin Mokhtar, Md. Mahmudul Alam, Md. Azizul Bari, Nicholas Kathijotes, Goh Choo Ta, Lee Khai Ern

Towards Incredible Evaluation of Conserving Groundwater for Irrigation System: Issues and Challenges
S.Vijaya Rani, Dr. M.Prabu, R. Santhosh Kumar, P.Venkatesh

Fuzzy Preferences in Conflict Resolution with Application to Water Resources Conflict
Jing Yu, Min Zhao

Endmember Variability Across An Image Scene And Its Influence On Spectral Unmixing
Vidhya Lakshmi Sivakumar, Sanjeevi Shanmugam, Kasinatha Pandian P

A Study on Modeling Methods and Evaluation of Dust Emission From Dynamic Coal Flow
Musong Lin, Hongliang Zhang, Zhaojin Xu, Lei Ma, Yuchun Li

Geochemical Process Controlling Groundwater Quality in Avinashi and Tirupur Region, Tamil Nadu, India
K.Arumugam, A.Rajesh Kumar, K.Elangovan, S.Loganathan., D Ambiga

Improving The Characteristics of Organic Liquid Waste by Mud Briquette Media
Zetly E. Tamod

A Novel Approach For Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm In Artificial Immune Network System (AINS)

Quantitative Data Simulation of The Light Heat-Induced Island Temperature In A Solar-E Glass Curtain Wall
Yinglei Ou

Performance Evaluation Of A UASB Unit In A Wastewater Treatment Plant In Vijayawada, India
S. K. Gupta, A Khajababu

Influence Of Nano Particle On Performance And Emission Analysis Of Methyl Ester In Four Stroke Diesel Engine
R .Rajasekar, T.Kathireshan

Morphological Variability Of Bembidion Articulatum (Coleoptera, Carabidae) Populations: Linear Dimensions Depend On Sex, While Morphological Indices Depend On Ecosystems
Viktor V. Brygadyrenko, Viktorija O. Slynko

Analysis And Design Of An Interleaved AC-DC Boost Converter With ZVS PWM Technique
Sarath Kumar, R. Puviarasi, Chandra Kumar

Effects Of Organic Fertilizers On The Heavy Metal Absorption Of Agricutural Crops Insoilcontaminated with Cadmium
Nguyen ThanhHung, Puhui Ji, Mai HuongTra, Yan'an Tong

Experimental Exploration of Joule Thomson Refrigeration System with Environment Friendly Refrigerant Mixtures
Dr. V. Natarajan, S. Vanitha

Application Of High-Volume Sampler For Atmospheric Radionuclides Sampling In Rembang Coal-Fire Power Plant (RCPP), Indonesia
Muzakky, Agus Taftazani, Endang Susiantini

Adsorption of Pb (II) onto Biochars Derived from Biomasses Originated from Loess Soil Areas
Baowei Zhao, Obemah David Nartey

Tar Mitigation In Biomass Gasification Systems Using Primary Measures: An Overview
K. Shanmuganandam, M. Venkata Ramanan, J.Anichai, L. Kumararaja, S. Mohanamurugan

Diversity Of Benthic Diatoms And Relationship With Some Aspect Of Water Properties In The Wang River, Thailand
Surakit Nakkaew, Jeeraporn Pekkoh, YuwadeePeerapornpisal

Research On The Mechanism Of Casing Failure Of Hailaer Oilfield
Song Yang

Identification Of Groundwater Polluted Areas Due To Dyeing Industries In Salem Corporation Using GIS
Ms.P.Hema, Dr.G.Maheswaran

Geographical Information System for Contaminated Land Monitoring
Dr. Konstantinos Christidis, Prof. Peter Robertson, Prof. Pat Pollard, Kaliopi Petineri, Dimitrios Drakos, Visarion Petineris, Stavroula Filopoulou, Spyridon Drakos

Impact Of Farm Ownership And Occupation Associated With Poultry Egg Business
Dr. S.C.Vetrivel, Dr. R.Somasundaram

Decontamination Of An Electronic Sludge Containing Heavy Metals Through Electrochemical Process
P.K, Raji, Dr.C. Ahmed Bhasha

Preparation Of Air Pollution Sensitivity Map Using Remote Sensing & GIS: A Model Study
SS.Asadi, Y.Sree Ramulu, M.V.Raju, D.Satish Chandra

Case study Exploration of Biomedical Waste in Multispecialty Hospital in Madurai
A.Aravindan, Dr.A.M.Vasumathi

Characterizing Distribution and Emission of Toxic Elements For Pingshuo Coals, Shanxi, China
Yuchun Li, Musong Lin, Lei Ma, Hongliang Zhang, Zhaojin Xu

Optimization of CN Value (SCS-CN) In A Small Watershed Of The Hilly And Gully Region, Chinese Loess Plateau
Lei Wu, Tengfei Dai, Xiao-yi Ma

Durability Study of Bagasse Ash and Silicafume Based Hollow Concrete Block For Lean Mix
Radhika Kowsik, S. Jayanthi

Wastewater Treatment Of Freshwater Crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus) Culture With Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)
Hefni Effendi, Bagus AmalrullahUtomo, GiriMaruto Darmawangsa, Dwi Aprianti Hanafiah

Research on Wax Inhibition and Removal By Hot Gas Lifting In Tubings
Jiwei He, Weidong Li, Xilong Han, Bin Dong

Corrosion Behaviour of Heat Treated A356-Red Mud Composites With Different Particle Size In Acidic, Alkaline, and Marine Environments
B. Geetha, K. Ganesan


A Survey on Software Clone Types and Detection In Software Development
pp. 441-450
Sanjay B. Ankali and B. Bharathi








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