International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 10  Number 2  (2015)




The Status of Urban Water Treatment Systems In Mysore, Karnataka, India: Is Feasible and Safe From A Sustainable Point of View?
pp. 451-461
Jessen George, Divya. L, Karthikeyan. K and Suriyanarayanan.S

Seasonal Charachterisation of Municipal Solid Waste In Coimbatore City, Tamilnadu, India
pp. 463-474
C.Sriakilam, M.K.Saseetharan,and.S.P.Jeyapriya

Impact of Yoga on Emotional Intelligence and Subjective Well-Being of Professionals
pp. 475-486
V.Nityananthan, B.Kalpana

An Evaluation Of The Natural Radioactivity In Aceh Soil Samples Of Indonesia After The 2004 Tsunami
pp. 487-497
Syarbaini and Eko Pudjadi

Research Methods and Decomposition Process of Leaf Litter In Forest
pp. 499-503
Nana Wu, Lu Zheng and Yafeng Li

Comparative Studies In Batch Reactor on Removal of Hexavalent Chromium Using Tabebuia Aurea , Allium Cepa, Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis, Delonix Regia And Saraca Indica Leaves As A Biosorbent By Using Immobilization/Non-Immobilization Technique
pp. 505-515
Saranya.K, Thirumarimurugan M, Sivakumar V.M, and Manivasagan. V

Experimental Investigation On Replacement Of M-Sand (Theri Red Sand) By Natural River Sand In Concrete
pp. 517-527
K.Sathya Prabha, C.Ponselvan and K.Nagamani

Variations In The Growth And Exoprotein Production By Pseudomonas sp. And Bacillus sp. In Profenofos And Lambdacyhalothrin Inoculated Minimal Salt Medium
pp. 529-544
Anitha Palanimanickam and Umamaheswari Sepperumal

The Effect Of L- Ascorbic Acid Supplementation On The Immune Response Of Channa Punctatus (Bloch) Exposed To Lead And Cadmium
pp. 545-561
Praveen Kumar Srivastava, Arti Srivastava, Sohini Singh and Ashutosh Srivastava

A Study on Green Marketing Concept- Emergence To Contemporary Transition For Moderating Climate Change and Environmental Pollution
pp. 563-570
C. Senthilnathan, S. Premlatha, G. Venugopalan and Monica

Performance Model of Small Food Industry Based on Local Tubers in Investment Priorities Area of East Java Province
pp. 571-596
Ulil Hartono, Erina Rahmadyanti, Andre Dwijanto Witjaksono, Eko Wahjudi

Restoration of Recharge Structures For Sustainable Environment Using GIS and Remote Sensing
pp. 597-605
Arulkumaran.S and Sukumar.S

Comparison Between MGASA and MKNN Techniques Using In Stock Prediction
pp. 603-610
S. Kopperundevi, .A. Iyemperumal and S.P.Rajagopalan 

Mutually Inclusive and Exclusive Probability Criteria For Domain Specific Concept Extraction
pp. 611-621
Ezhilarasi. P, Iyem Perumal. A and Rajagopalan. S.P

Numerical Simulation of Surrounding Rock Stress With Different Coal Seam Thicknesses
pp. 623-630
Fang Qian cheng and Zhou Ke Ping

The Effect of Biogas Generation From Anaerobic Co-Digestion Process Using Agro and Animal Wastes
pp. 631-636
S.Sathish and S.Vivekanandan

Tannic Acid Degradation By A Moderately Halophilic Bacterial Consortium Isolated From Tannery Effluent Contaminated Soil
pp. 637-649
Veena gayathri Krishnaswamy and Shalini Dayalan

Mathematical Projections of Air Pollutants Effects over Niger Delta Region Using Remotely Sensed Satellite Data
pp. 6651-664
Omotosho T.V., Moses E. Emetere and Arase O.S

Computerized Modeling of Aerosol Effects on the Thermal Comfort in the Urban Climate of Ilorin-Nigeria
pp. 665-672
M. E. Emetere and O. Akinojo

Multispectral Image Change Revealing Using Translation Invariant Wavelet Transform Fusion and Adaptive K-Means Clustering
pp. 673-685
Anisha M. Lal, S.Margret Anouncia and M. Gopalakrishnan

Treatment Optimization of Paper and Pulp Mill Effluent By Response Surface Methodology
pp. 687-704
Ranjith Kumar. R and Subramanian. K

Mechanical Properties of High Strength Concrete Reinforced With Hybrid Fibers
pp. 705-710
Sahaya Ruben and J, Baskar G

Effective Colour Removal Technique For Bleaching & Dyeing Industry Effluents With Cost Estimation
pp. 711-718
Muthukani. C, Suji. D, Mariappan. M, and Gobinath. R

Socio-Economic Characteristics of Respondents and Their Family Profile
pp. 719-735
C.B Senthil Kumar

Aerosol Black Carbon Properties and Radiative Forcing of Aerosols Over South East End of IGP
pp. 737-748
Kumari Lipi and Manoj kumar


Influence of Street Orientation and Distance To Water Body on Microclimate Temperature Distribution In Tropical Coastal City of Malacca
pp. 749-766
Gonoosh Manteghi, Hasanuddin bin Lamit and Dilshan Remaz Ossen

Green Hr Practices: A Unique Blend of Modern Management Practices
pp. 767-771
Nithya Daimy. K. M and S. Edmund Christopher 

Improving Energy Efficiency By Choosing Appropriate Nano-Particles For Enabling Solar Vapor Generation
pp. 773-783
G.Rajalakshmi and R.Murugan

Assessment Of Hydrogeological Characteristics Using Remote Sensing & GIS: A Model Study From Guntur (Dt. ), A. P.
pp. 785-798
SS. Asadi, A. K. Vuppaladadiyam, M. V. Raju and T. Lakshmi Prasad

Association Of 15 Most Abundant Vegetations Around “Sendang Kalimah Toyyibah” Springs, Ungaran, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
pp. 799-808
Erry Wiryani, Sutrisno Anggoro, and Sri Mulyani

The Influence of the Density of Typha angustifolia L Plant and the Thickness of Sand Substrate against the Removal of BOD Content of Waste Leachate Pollutants on Constructed Wetlands
pp. 809-822
Sugeng Nuradji, Sutrisno Anggoro, Henna Rya Abdurahim, Boedi Hendrarto





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