International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 10  Number 3  (2015)




Sustainable Spatial Management At Strategic Area
pp. 823-831
R. Marsuki Iswandi, Lukman Yunus, La Baco, La Ode Ngkoimani, Hadi Sudarmo

Comparative Study Of 6-Week Aerobics Training And Suryanamaskar Programs On Agility And Flexibility
pp. 833-846
M. Mahalingam and S. Vairamani

Optimal Turbine Selection For Eco-Friendly Micro Hydro Project: Application of Fuzzy-M.C.D.M.
pp. 847-858
Priyabrata Adhikary, Pankaj Kr Roy and Asis Mazumdar

The Capacity of Silver Nitrate (AgNo3) In Reducing E. coli In Drinking Water
pp. 859-867
Ariyanto Nugroho, Adi Heru Sutomo, Susi Iravati, Sarto, Yulia Rina Wijaya and Abdul Munir Roy Alfatoni


Combining Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) With Stakeholder Analysis (SA) To Produce The Best Scenario Of Household Toxic Hazardous Waste Management (HTHWM) In Semarang City, Indonesia

pp. 869-881

Elanda Fikri, P.Purwanto and Henna Rya Sunoko Abdurachim

Green Open Space Management Model In Medan City - Indonesia

pp. 883-894

Darwin P Lubis, Alvi Syahrin, Budi Utomo and Delvian


Intelligent Microprocessor Temperature Control System For Specialized Industrial Enterprises

pp. 895-903

Andrey Ostroukh, Dmitriy Akimov, Tatiana Morozova, Evgeniy Kashkin, Vera Chistyakova, Dmitriy Polianskiy and Valeriy Strakhov

Reservoir Characteristics and Controlling Factors of Volcanic Rocks In E Depression, Yalu River Basin
pp. 905-911
WU Jiayi and BAO Yi

Comparative Correlation of Gaseous Pollutants With Temperature In Between The Days of Diwali and Gyaras
pp. 913-927
R. K. Srivastava, Shampa Sarkar and Gufran Beig

Ultraviolet Catalysed Photo-Degradation of RDX by Using TiO2 in Aqueous Medium Coupled with Diffused Air
pp. 929-937
Nilesh D. Wagha, Dipak S. Dalalb, Arun K Sikderc and Digmbar V. Patil

Reduction of Harmonics Exploitation FPGA Based Shunt Active Filter with PEMFC
K.Hemachandran, B.Justus Rabi and S.S.Darly

Estimation Of Surface Energy Fluxes In The Boundary Layer Using Bowen Ratio Method Over Ranchi
pp. 967-975
Sagarika Chandra and Nishi Srivastava

Stress and Fatigue Analyses for Qualifying Surgery Needle in Surgical Environment
pp. 977-991
C.Murugamani, S.Saravanakumar and S.A.Kalaiselvan

The Effect Of 8 Weeks Of Resistance Training,Aerobic Training And Combined Training On Leg Explosive Power, Anxiety And Serving Among Women Volleyball Players
pp. 993-1007
S. Jayakumar and S. Vairamani

Estimate on Changes in Aerosols Properties during Dust Prevalence over Jaipur, India
pp. 1009-1018
Divya Prakash, Sunita Verma and Swagata Payra

Constraints To Information And Communication Technologies Use In Adoption Of Integrated Pest Management Among Oil Palm Farmers In Delta State, Nigeria
pp. 1019-1029
Okoedo-Okojie D.U

Butula Platyphylla Leaf Blade's Fluctuating Asymmtry as Criterion of Environmental Quality
pp. 1031-1036
Nizkii Sergey Evgenyevich and Sergeeva Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

Comparative Assessment of Gravity-Fed Sources (Rain Water, Ground Water and Hill Water) Quality In Terms of Fecal Bacteria Contamination from Rural Community Area
pp. 1037-1047
Carolyn Payus, Adeline Lusat, Kui Jun Meng, Nur Haziqah, Nurasika Basri and Norela Sulaiman

A SWOT analysis of the proposed transhipment port in Great Nicobar Island of Andaman Nicobar Islands
pp. 1049-1064
M. Ravichandran, G. Aswin Sriram and D. Suji





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