International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 10  Number 4  (2015)




Constraints Faced By The Groundnut Growers In Cultivation And Use Of Inputs In Central Dry Zone Of Karanataka
pp. 1065-1072
Chandranna, J.S, Prakash Kumar.U.M, Priya, P and Jagadeeshwar, K

Adoption Level Of Integrated Pest Management Practices For Red Headed Hairy Caterpillar By Groundnut Growers In Central Dry Zone Of Karnataka
pp. 1073-1080
Chandranna, J.S1., Jagadeeshwar,K, Priya, P and Prakash Kumar.V.M

Research On Green Supply Chain Performance Evaluation From Low-carbon Perspective
pp. 1081-1085
Guanxiang Zhang, ShuoguoChen

pp. 1087-1103
Milad Abdelnabi Salem, Norlena Hasnan, Nor Hasni Osman, Mohd Farid Shamsudin, Fekri Shawtari and Hafezali Bin Iqbal Hussain

Diversity of phytoplankton and water quality in some freshwater resources in Thailand
pp. 1101-1123
Tippawan Prasertsin and Yuwadee Peerapornpisal

Numerical Analysis of an Innovative and Eco Friendly Wave Energy Harvester “Closed OWC” for Offshore Industrial Application
pp. 1125-1136
Olly Roy Chowdhury, Hong-geun Kim and Jangwoo Park

Effect And Impact Of Employee Absenteeism In Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT) Watch Factory, Bangalore, India
pp. 1137-1147
R. Renuka

Social Support And Occupational And Organizational Stress In Nurses Of Private And Government Hospitals
pp. 1137-1147
R. Renuka

Social Support And Occupational And Organizational Stress In Nurses Of Private And Government Hospitals
pp. 1149-1157
Zeynab honarvar, Simin esmail pour zanjani and Hossein Honarvar

Analyses Of Outcomes Of Inclusion Of Jute On Biodegradability, Thermal And Dynamic Mechanical Responses Of Carbon Reinforced Aluminium Laminates
pp. 1159-1174
M. Vasumathi and Vela Murali

Undrained Direct Simple Shear Tests On Offshore Clay
pp. 1175-1179
Thian, S.Y. and Lee, C.Y

Promoting Community for Disaster Risk Reduction: Case of a Malaysian University Community
pp. 1181-1194
Sumaiya Sadeka, Mohammad Imam Hasan Reza, Joy Jacqueline Pereira, Mohd Suhaimi Mohamad and Md. Sujahangir Kabir Sarkar

Assessment Of Soil Quality Indices Based On Microarthropodscommunities Under Two Land Systems Use
pp. 1195-1204
MelikaMohamedova and IvankaLecheva

Economic Analysis of Micro-Catchment Rainwater Harvesting Techniques in Jordan’s Arid Zones
pp. 1205-1225
Tabieh, M, Al-Karablieh, E, Salman, A, Qtaishat, T, Al-Qudah, H, Majdalawi, M and Al-Khatib, H

Comparative Analysis Of Fatty Acids In Some Macroalgae With Fish And Vegetables, Egypt
pp. 1227-1244
Nihal G. Shams El Din and Nayrah A. Shaltout

Removal of As(III) from aqueous solution using sawdust of Ficus benghalensis: kinetic and modeling studies
pp. 1245-1261
Ashish Kumara, J. P. Pandeya and Satish Kumar

Quality Assessment Of Hand-Dug Well In Jambutu Village Of Jimeta-Yola, Adamawa State Nigeria
pp. 1263-1273
Yakubu Mandafiya JOHN, Aminu Baba USMAN, Simon ZAMBIRI and HyelladenduJavan JANDI

Integrated Geophysical and Geochemical Investigations of Saline Water Intrusion in a Coastal Alluvial Terrain, Southwestern Nigeria
pp. 1275-1288
K. D. Oyeyemi, A. P. Aizebeokhai and M. A. Oladunjoye

Determination of Contaminant Level in Locally Brewed Alcoholic Beverage (Burkutu) In Yola
pp. 1289-1299
YakubuMandafiyaJOHN, Rose DogariJONAFI, Simon ZAMBIRI and Aminu BabaUSMAN

Web Based Marketing In Cloud
pp. 1301-1307
Yovan Felix.A, Albert Mayan.J, Jacob Jennings.K and Salvin Joy.K

Analysis Of Risk Assessment: A Review Journal
pp. 1309-1327
T.N. Suresh Kumar, A. Senthil Kumar and M.S Alphin

Optimization of arsenic elimination condition of waterby steel substrate with ANFIS method
pp. 1329-1339
Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

Equilibrium Study On Adsorptive Removal Of Cadmium And Nickel By Coconut Copra Meal
pp. 1341-1354
Dr. V Gowri, Dr. V Lavanya and K.Kaviya

Study Of Private Sector Intervention Of Municipal Solid Waste Management: Kivar: A Case Study: Durg City
pp. 1355-1365
Shivanand Kamde, P.K.Ghosh and M.K.Gupta

Development Of Anxiety Questionnaire For Bpo Employees
pp. 1367-1374
C. Addlin Pooviga and Dr. Susan Chirayath

Physio-Chemical Analysis and In-Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Jatropha Curcas Grown on Fly Ash Amended Soil
pp. 1375-1383
Seema Raj, Praveen Dahiya and Sumedha Mohan

Methods for Assimilating Non-Deterministic Characteristics in PWM Strategy of IM Drives and FPGA Based Experimental Implementation
pp. 1385-1401
P. Arulkumar, M.Ravichandran and N.P. Subramaniam

Correlation of Above Ground Biomass Carbon Storage and Productivity of Mangrove Species
pp. 1403-1410
Sukendi and Mariana

Using Learning Machine Approach Mri Brain Image Classification And The Analysis Of The Brain Structure
pp. 1411-1421
A. Yovan Felix and A. V. K Shanthi

Preparation Of Concrete Using With Waste Over Burnt Bricks As A Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate An Experimental Study
pp. 1423-1433
SS. Asadi T. Eswar Rao, B. Harish Kumar and B. V. T. Vasantha Rao

Characteristics Of Land For Development And Establishment Of The Village Of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) In West Sumatra, Indonesia
pp. 1435-1441
Juniarti, Darfis. I, Yasin. S, Ningsih. P, Suliansyah. I

Quality Of Work Life On Mental Health Among Police Personnel In Tamilnadu With Special To Tirunelvelli District
pp. 1443-1453
M.Nirosha Kamali and Susan Chirayath

The role of climate change on crop Canolain Khorasan Razavi using the model LARS
pp. 1455-1464
Zahra Arabi and Mohsen Azizi

Zigbee and PSO based Monitoring and Control of Water Level in Paddy Fields
pp. 1465-1473
Sushabhan Choudhury, Piyush Kuchhal, Rajesh Singh and Anita

The Effects Of Human Activities On Benthic Diatom Diversity And Trend Of Using Benthic Diatoms As Bio Indicators From The Yom And Wang Rivers, Thailand
pp. 1475-1484
Ekkachai Yana, Surakit Nakkaew and Yuwadee Peerapornpisal

Design Of Drainage Network Using SWMM For VTU Campus Belagavi
pp. 1485-1492
Vinaykumar S.Patil, Nagaraj.S.Patil, Vijaykumar.H

Downscaling of Precipitation Data from GCM outputs using Artificial Neural Network for Bhima basin
pp. 1493-1508
Nagraj S. Patil, Rajashekhar S. Laddimath, Pooja and Satish Hooli

Comparison Of Summer-Time Euglenophyte Community Composition Over A Three Years Period From The Urban Area Of Chiang Mai, Province (Thailand)
pp. 1509-1526
Phitsanuphakhin Chaimongkhon and Yuwadee Peerapornpisal

Wastewater Quality Analysis of Dubai Port World, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi
pp. 1527-1532
K.C. Mukwana, A. Mashori, S.R. Samo, A.Q.Jakhrani and A.N. Laghari





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