International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 10  Number 5  (2015)




Inefficient Resources Utilization Effects Negative on Indian PSBs’ Profit: DEA and Multiple Regression Analysis
pp. 1533-1542
Purnendu Paul, Swapan k Bose and Supriyo Roy

The Relationship between Environmental Employees’ Involvements and Sustained Competitive Advantages
pp. 1543-1562
Milad Abdelnabi Salem, Norlena Hasnan, Nor Hasni Osman, Mohd Farid Shamsudin4, Fekri Shawtari and Hafezali Bin Iqbal Hussain

A Comparative Study of Green and Non Green Building Setup: Exploring the effects of Organizational Socialization and Work Environment on Happiness and Wellbeing of Employees
pp. 1563-1576
Sachita Passi Sabharwal and Ruchi Gautam

Study of Environmental Impacts and Threats to the Ramsar Haleji Lake, Sindh, Pakistan
pp. 1577-1590
Ali Asghar Mahessar, Abdul Latif Qureshi, Kishan Chand Mukwana and Abdul Qayoom Jakhrani

Effect of Lead and Lead-EDTA on Growth and metal accumulation characteristics of Epipremnum aureum
pp. 1591-1606
Ashish Kumari, Abhilasha Shourie and U. Vijayalakshmi

Tree Species Diversity As the Base of Conservation On Panjang Island Jepara, Central Java
pp. 1606-1614
Sri Utamia, Sutrisno Anggoroc and Tri Retnaningsih Soeprobowati

A Template Design Mechanism For CNN Segmentation To Identify Cancer Region On Medical Images
pp. 1615-1632
M. Duraisamy and T. Logeswari

A Comparative Study Of Molecular Interactions In Different Brands Of Oral Rehydration Salts
pp. 1633-1638
Preetha Mary George, Jayakumar. S, Divya. P and Shubhashree. N. S

A Visitor Management Model in Mountain based Tourism:One Way for Preservation and Improvement of Tourism Activities in a Mountainous Area
pp. 1639-1650
Wanjat Kastolani and Fitri Rahmafitria

Performance and emission characteristics in diesel engine using bio-diesel blend and diesel
pp. 1651-1659
Sanjay Mohite, Sudhir Kumar, Sagar Maji and Amit Pal

Spatial Physical Change And Urban Sprawl In The Suburbs Area: Case Study: Suburbs Area Of Metro Tanjung Bunga Makassar
pp. 1661-1674
Batara Surya

Sikh Perspectives On Partition: A Study On Social Environment With Reference To Raj Gill’s The Rape
pp. 1675-1682
A. Robby Sebastian Clement, S.N. Mahalakshmi and C. Antoine Judy

Zigbee and GSM based antitheft and Safety system for motorcyclist
pp. 1683-1690
Anita Gehlot, Piyush Kuchhal, Adesh Kumar and Rajesh Singh

Changing Environment of Ludhiana Metropolis: Issues & Strategies
pp. 1691-1699
Rahul Singla

Effectiveness of Cattle Manure and Extract Tailings as Ameliorant and Nutrition on Sago Growth
pp. 1701-1709
Bertha Mangallo, Sartji Taberima, Ishak Musaad and Kunto Wibowo

Wetland land-cover information extraction based on tolerant rough sets and BP neural network
pp. 1711-1730
Zhou Linfei, Yao Xue and Zhang Jing

Application of Analytical Hierarchy Procedure to Select the Best Roofing and Wall Partitioning Systems
pp. 1731-1741
Mehdi Babaei and Alireza Amin Ranjbar

Study on Modulus of Elasticity of M60 Grade Concrete
pp. 1743-1754
A.P. Aroumugame, A. Ravichandran and P. N. Raghunath

Adsorption, kinetics and equilibrium studies on removal of Pb (II) from aqueous solutions using different low-cost Bio adsorbent
pp. 1755-1769
Muthusamy P. and S Murugan

Effective Multimedia Content Retrieval
pp. 1771-17783
D. Saravanan

Noise Removal of a Blurred Image using Segmentation Process
pp. 1785-1792
Abhishek Kansal, Abhinav Rana and Aditya Dubey

The Role of Karst as Water Supplier for Community Case Study: Sukolilo Karst Pati, Central Java, Indonesi

pp. 1793-1801
Endrat Mojo, Sudharto P Hadi and Hartuti Purnaweni

Waste Water From Thermo Power Plants As A Factor For Contamination Of The Environment
pp. 1803-1809
Julijana Tomovska, Biljana Sopova Alushovska Mitre Stojanovski and Hristina Tomovska

Analysis of Morphometric Parameters of Wadi Araba Basin Using GIS and DEM
pp. 1811-1824
Al-husban, Yusra and Makhamreh, Zeyad

An Integrated Desertification Hazard Assessment in Iran
pp. 1825-1836
Maryam Marani Barzani and Khairulmaini Osman Salleh




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