International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 10  Number 6  (2015)




Water Resource Management and Conservation Model: The Case of Brantas River
pp. 1837-1847
Budi Prasetyo

Climate Change: Issues and Strategies
pp. 1849-1860
R.Ragu Prasadh

Environmental DNA (eDNA) Surveillance for Detection of Alligator Mississippiensis in a Fresh Water Lake
pp. 1861-1866
Hannah Z. Lipschutz, Xiaofeng Zuo and Joshua H. Lipschutz

Assessment Of Groundwater Suitability For Drinking And Irrigation Of A Gneissic Terrain In Part Of Chittar Sub Basin, Thambaraparani River Basin, South India
pp. 1867-1878
Jeyavel Raja Kumar, T., Vasanth Raja, S., Dushiyanthan, C., Thirunelakandan, B., Suresh, R and Senthilkumar

Optimization Of Bus Stop Location Using Gis For Coimbatore District
pp. 1879-1892
Anitha Selvasofia and Prince Arulraj

Drought and Underground Water Resources Effects and Interactions During 1991-2012 in Firozabad Plain
pp. 1893-1903
Mohammad Rahmanian, Farzane Sargolzaee Moghadam, Maryam Shams Khoramabady and Abbas Sahragard

Recreational Assessment Of Forest Natural Complexes For City Green Area
pp. 1905-1911
V.A. Zakamskiy and S.Y. Starodumova

Wood Charcoal and Wood Vinegar Production from Mango Tree Wood by Using 3 m3 Carbonization Dome Kiln
pp. 1913-1924
Sumrit Mopoung and Vijitr Udeye

Geospatial Data Based Modelling For Evaluation Of Physico-Chemical Properties Of Ground Water: A Case Study
pp. 1925-1936
G. S. Sarma, SS. Asadi and S. Lakshmi Narayana

Ecological aspects on succession and potential of phytoplankton in biodegradation of wastewater
pp. 1937-1948
Ahmed M. Abd El-Monem and Abd Ellatif M. Hussian

Seasonal Variation of Groundwater Quality in Coimbatore District using GIS
pp. 1949-1956
Nalini Jebastina and Prince Arulraj. G

Ethical Issues In Business Environment Of India With Special Reference To Product Placement In Bollywood Flims
pp. 1957-1965
Rishi P. Shukla, Balaji D and Archana Singh

A Mini Review On Landfill Leachate Treatment Technologies
pp. 1967-1979
Ta Wee Seowa and Chi Kim Lim

Spatio-Temporal Variation of Groundwater Depth In Ogan-Kuqa River Oasis, Northwestern China
pp. 1981-1997
Abdugheni Abliz, Tashpolat Tiyip· Tursun Hasan, Mamat Sawut, Ilyas Nurmemet, Abdulla Abliz and Maierdang Keyimu

Learning Communication Strategy on EducationalSustainability Development in Primary Education Level at Bandung Municipality
pp. 1999-2005
Deni Darmawan

Study on DBH-structure of Populus euphratica and their spatial distribution in the lower reaches of Tarim River, northwest China
pp. 2007-2016
Maierdang Keyimu, Ümüt Halik and Wang Jinshan

Effects of shelterbelt afforestation on soil properties in Kökyar, NW China
pp. 2017-2036
Abdulla Abliz, Ümüt Halik, Martin Welp and Li-xia Zhang

Reprocessing The Images Using Image Recycle Methods
pp. 2037-2046
Saranya. K, and Ankayarkanni. B

Environmental Adult Education
pp. 2047-2053
Khalil Alsaadat

Reintroduction into the natural habitats of the Nizhny Novgorod region (Russia) Dactylorhiza incarnata (L.) Soó (Orchidaceae)
pp. 2055-2066
Shirokov A. I, Syrova V. V, Kryukov L. A, Shtarkman N. N and Shestakova A. A

Novel Software For The Study Of Codon In A 16srna Sequence And Decoding The Translated Amino Acid Quantum
pp. 2067-2076
Vidya VS, R Shreenidhi, Ishita Kriti and Anand Prem Rajan


New Method of Search and Prognostic Resource Evaluation of the Placer Deposits on Shelf Area
pp. 2077-2082
V. Palamarchuk, A. Smirnov, N. Glinskaya, O. Mischenko and E. Burdakova

The Role of Environment Management Driven on the Influence of Environment Management System Toward Agroindustry Corporate Performance
pp. 2083-2095
I Gusti Putu Diva Awatara and Edi Purwanto, rer'nat Sajidan, Prabang Setyono

Natural and Passive Ventilation in Energy Efficient Buildings for Thermal Comfort and Healthy Indoor Air Quality – A Review
pp. 2097-2124
M.Nadarajan and V.Kirubakaran


Investigation on Modulus of Elasticity of High Strength Concrete With Steel Fiber Reinforcement

pp. 2125-2139

A. Vallavan, A. Ravichandran and P. N. Raghunath


Development and substantiation ofthe parameters of solar collectors forhot water

pp. 2141-2150

OmarovRashit1-RaiymbekovAdil, OmarDauren and Murat Kunelbayev


Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Diesel- Bio-Diesel Fuelled DI Diesel Engine with Various EGR Ratios

pp. 2151-2165

B.Jothi Thirumal





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