International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 11  Number 1  (2016)




Equilibrium, kinetic, and thermodynamic studies on the removal of Chromium (VI) using activated carbon prepared from Cocos nucifera roots as an adsorbent
pp. 1-25
K. Balakrishna Prabhu, M. Srinivas Kini and Anup Sarovar

Absorption of Organic Compounds by Saccharomyces cerevisiae on Industrial Waste Media
pp. 27-36
Endah Rita Sulistya Dewi, Anang M. Legowo and Munifatul Izzati

EDUCATION IN INDIA – Accountability, Duty and Responsibility of Law makers, Teachers and Students
pp. 37-42
D. S. Selvakumar

Facilitating Participatory Approach to Resolving Problems Facing Nigeria’s Rural Families
pp. 43-54
Amaka B. Ikechukwu-Ilomuanya, Joachim C Omeje, Eke Kalu Oyeoku and Chiedu Eseadi

Species diversity and distribution of mangrove-associated red alga Bostrychia (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) from southern Thailand
pp. 55-71
J. Seangkaew, S. Bovonsombut and Y. Peerapornpisal

Stabilization of Tropical Residual Soil Using Rice Husk Ash and Cement
pp. 73-88
Khan M. M. H and Loh E., 2Singini P. T

Characterizing Geometrical Anisotropy of Petrophysical properties in the middle Shahejie formation, Liaohe Depression, China
pp. 89-109
Oluwatosin J. Rotimi, Zhenli Wang and Richard O. Afolabi

Review on Wastewater Treatment Technologies
pp. 111-126
Ta Wee Seow, Chi Kim Lim, Muhamad Hanif Md Norb, Mohd Fahmi Muhammad Mubarak, Chi Yong Lam, Adibah Yahya, and Zaharah Ibrahim

Sparkmed Framework For Heterogeneous System Based Multimedia Medical Data Integration
pp. 127-133
R. Praveenkumar, L. HariPrasath and J. S. Umashankar

Urban Regeneration through State-led, New-Build Gentrification in Lagos Inner City, Nigeria
pp. 135-146
Isidore C. Ezema, Pearl Akunnaya Opoko and Adedapo Adewunmi Oluwatayo

Spatial relationship between precipitation and ANPP in temperate grasslands
pp. 149-154
Juanjuan Xue

Investigating the Biogas as Secondary Fuel for Ci Engine
pp. 155-163
K. Senthilkumar and S. Vivekanandan

Development of Water Processing Technology of Tahu Industrial Waste:An Overview
pp. 165-172
Suparni Setyowati Rahayu, Purwanto and Budiyono

Effect on Strength Characteristics of Low Calcium Fly Ash based Geopolymer Concrete -An Initiative towards Green Concrete
pp. 173-182
B. Senthil Kumar, V. P. Arunachalam, R. Thenmozhi and T. Senthil Vadivel

Production of Sustainable Asphalt Mixes Using Recycled Polystyrene
pp. 183-192
Mousa Bani Baker, Raed Abendeh, Zaydoun Abu-Salem, and Taisir Khedaywi

Assessment of the Possible Utilization of Tomato as a Phytoremediant in Soils Artificially Contaminated with Heavy Metals
pp. 193-209
Frederick A. Andal

Phytoplankton Structure biochemical Stoichiometry and elemantal comnosition in Lake Nasser Egypt
pp. 211-228
Abd-Ellatif M.Hussian,Howayda H. Abd El-Hady, Toufeek M.E.F and G.Varbiro

The Bio-effects of Heavy Metal Contaminants in Gajah Mungkur Reservoir Sediments
pp. 229-244
Peni Pujiastuti and Sutarno, Muhamad Masykuri and Totok Gunawan

Geospatial Data Based Modelling For Evaluation of Soil Properties: A Modal Study
pp. 245-258
G. S. Sarma, SS. Asadi and S. Lakshmi Narayana

A Comprehensive Survey of Approaches Used For Detecting Events in Twitter
pp. 259-266
Jaya Sree R.V, Dhanalakshmi G, Poonkuzhali S.M, Sharmila Banu A

Performance and Emission Characteristics of Multilayer Thermal Barrier Coated Di Diesel Engine Fuelled With Sunflower Bio Diesel
pp. 267-278
M. Piramanandhan, N. Mohana Sundara Raju and R. Venkatesan

Dynamic Linkages of Mangrove Rhizophora Mucronata and its Environment Parameters in Semarang and Demak Coastal Area
pp. 279-293
Endah Dwi Hastuti, Sutrisno Anggoro and Rudhi Pribadi


Methane Emission on Organic Rice Experiment Using Azolla

pp. 295-308

Mujiyo, Bambang Hendro Sunarminto, Eko Hanudin, Jaka Widada and Jauhari Syamsiyah


Promoting the Greening Curriculum: A note on the Implementation of Environmental Education in Indonesian School

pp. 309-323

Ikhfan Haris and Afdaliah


De-carbonizing the Nigerian Housing Secto

pp. 325-349

I. C. Ezema, A. P. Opoko and A. A. Oluwatayo





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