International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 11  Number 3  (2016)




Optimisation of Nickel (II) Adsorption Using Thermally Treated Rice Husk
pp. 717-730
A. T. Ahmad Farhan, K. K. Ong, W. M. Z. Wan Yunus, M. L. Jabit, A.Fitrianto, U. F. Abdul Rauf, A. G. Hussin, C. C. Teoh and M. B. Ahmad

Evolution Law Analysis on Monthly Streamflow Series in Tuwei River Watershed, China
pp. 731-740
Zhang Yinqin, Yang Huilong, Wang Lishu, Du xinyan, Cheng Congmin and Ju Juanli

Strategies of Sanitation Environmental Counseling Towards Increasing Attitude of Community on Preserve Environment in Makassar City
pp. 741-749
Ronny, Gufran Darma Dirawan and Muhammad Basir

Object Recognition Under Complex Environmental Conditions on Remote Sensing Image
pp. 751-758
Jian-min Liu and Min-hua Yang

Species Composition, Diversity and Richness in Understanding Threats on Biodiversity Conservation of Philippine Native and Indigenous Species of Trees
pp. 759-772
Marie Grace S. Cabansag

Behavior And Environmental Sanitation In Malaria Patients At Work Area Ofthe Local Government Clinic Pundata Baji Pangkep Regency
pp. 773-783
Idris, Mulyadi, Nurlita Pertiwi, Ahsan S. Mandra, and Gufran Darma Dirawan

Vegetation Structure and Mangrove Ecosystem Threats in The Coastal Zone of Dumai, Riau, Indonesia
pp. 785-798
A. Mulyadi and B. Amin

Effect of Characteristics Breeding Site Againts Density of Larva Anopheles in Tegalombo Sub District Pacitan Indonesia
pp. 799-808
Titik Haryanti, Nine Elissa Maharani and Hendi Kristanto

The Case For Green Hotels: An Investigation Into The Outlook Of South African Business Travellers
pp. 809-824
Kola Ijasan, Olusola Ajibola and KhatijaGaibee

Mitigation of Martapura River in Banjarmasin using Tripikon-S
pp. 825-832
Eka Rahayu Normasari, Sri Budiastuti, Ari Handono Ramelan and Lukito Hasta Pratopo

Effect of Soil erosion on the Pahang River plume
pp. 833-845
Dawi Muftah Ageel, Tukimat Bin Lihan, Sahibin Abd Rahim and Zulfahmi Abd Rahman





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