International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 12  Number 10 (2017)




Mathematical model approach for suitability of GGBS as a replacement material for cement and pond ash as a replacement material for fine aggregate in Concrete

pp. 1747-1756

M.V.Mohammed Haneef, R.Siva sankar, A.Lilly Joice, S.Sebastin and S.Jansi sheela


Investigating the impact of plant fibres in increasing the strength of concrete

pp. 1757-1767

G. Malarvizhi and S. Karpagam Chinnammal


Allelopathic effect of Lantana camara and Chromolaena odorata on germination and seedling growth of Centroma pubescens

pp. 1769-1776

Muhammad Rusdy and Ambo Ako


A Review - Pectin from Agro and Industrial Waste

pp. 1777-1801

Antony Allwyn Sundarraj and Thottiam Vasudevan Ranganathan


A Decision can be a Disaster: A Descriptive Analysis of a Case Study

pp. 1803-1820

A. K. Dash, R. M. Bhattacharjee, C. S. Singh, A. Aftab and Sagesh K M R


Application of Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Quick Unbiased Efficient Statistical Tree (QUEST)Algorithms on Mangrove and Agricultural Resource Mapping using LiDAR Data Sets

pp. 1821-1830

Carmel Jean G. Madanguita, John Paul L. Oñez, Herzon G. Tan, Milce D. Villanueva, Jesson E. Ordaneza, Remie M. Aurelio Jr. and Annabelle U. Novero








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