International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 12  Number 3  (2017)




The Effects of Crude Oil on Growth and Biomass of Mangrove Bruguiera sexangula Seedling in the Intertidal Area of Dumai City, Indonesia
pp. 399-407
Amin B, I. Nurrachmi and R. Rumiyatin

Communicating Climate Change Importance through Interactive Multimedia Frame Work for Promoting Education and Effective Public Awareness on Climate Change
pp. 409-420
S.Vigneswaran, A.Leelamani, S. Divya and K. Divya

Study of Correlation between Adjustment and Environmental Awareness in High School Students of Assam (India)
pp. 421-431
Tribhuwan Kr. Bhartiya

Characterisation of inland log yard wastewater and evaluation of dilution requirements for safe surface disposal
pp. 433-447
Nyangombe, G., Ncube, F., and Kanda, A

Effect Of Temperature, Light on the Growth and Lipid Accumulation of Nannochloropsis Oculata
pp. 449-455
Nguyen Thanh Hung

Trends of Energy Consumption and Carbon Footprint in India
pp. 457-468
Himani Maheshwari and Kamal Jain

A Review on Native Plant Based Coagulants for Water Purification
pp. 469-487
G.Jayalakshmi, Vara Saritha and Bhavya Kavitha Dwarapureddi

Treatment of Reverse Osmosis Reject Water from Industries
pp. 489-503
Virapana, R. Saravanane and V Murugaiyan

Disposal methods of e-waste in India Survey conducted in Chennai
pp. 505-512
Udhayakumar. T

Seismic Dynamic Response Characteristics of Slope in Samall Diameter Bias Double Tunnels
pp. 513-525
CHEN Hang YAN Qixiang and CHEN Wenyu

Can We Use Textile Effluent As A Source Of Irrigation: A Case From Bhagwanpur, Uttarakhand (India)
pp. 527-540
Priya Pokhriya, Disha Punetha, Kusum Arunachalam and A.Arunachalam


Efectiveness of Mechanical Material Handling Equipment Safety in Canstrucation Sites for Operation Safety and Environmental Health
pp. 541-552
Hariharan Pethaperumal and Nagappan Sivakumar

Environmental Monitoring via Mobile Sensors and Improving Energy Efficiency by RAF
pp. 553-562
R. Dharani and M. V. Srinath





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