International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 12  Number 4  (2017)




Detektion Soybean (Glycine Max L Merrill) Transgenic GTS 40-3-2 Herbiside Resistant Active Based Glyphosate PCR using
pp. 563-576
Sumarji and Suparno

Bias Adjustments of Radar Rainfall during Seasonal March of the Summer Monsoon in the Middle of Thailand
pp. 577-594
Nattapon Mahavik

A review upon the Design and exploration of fuel Injector for various Biodiesel Injections
pp. 595-605
N.Sathish Kumar and P.Govindasamy

Physisorption of Chromium from Aqueous Solutions Using Agro and Horticultural Wastes as Adsorbent
pp. 607-631
Pushpendra Kumar Sharma, Sohail Ayub and Chandra Nath Tripathi


A Study Effect of RSPM on Spirometry to Identify an Occupational Hazard in Traffic Police
pp. 633-642
Uma Santosh Kale and P.H.Sawant

Evaluation of Calotropis procera as a biomonitor of soil pollution in Mysore and Periyapatna.
pp. 643-660
Prakruthi. T. R and Dr. Raju N. S

Description, Bionomics and Bio-Rational Control of Mango Mealy Bug, Drosicha mangiferae Glover (Coccidae: Hemiptera) at Malda, West Bengal
pp. 661-672
Ajoy sarkar, Partha sarathi nandi and Kaushik chakraborty


Modelling of Agricultural BMP Scenarios in the Markhandeya Watershed Using Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)
pp. 673-684
Nagraj S. Patil, C. Dhananjay Kumar, Satish V. Mannurkar, Nataraja M

Study of Exhaust Emission Characteristics by Ceramic Coated Diesel Engine using Rubber Seed Oil Blend with Pure Diesel Fuel
pp. 685-693
S. Mahalingam, K.Muralidharan and K. Sakunthala

Studies on Polluting Parameters from Dairy Sector of Pune,Maharashtra (India)
pp. 695-701
Minal Wani and Vishakha Sukhadev Shivsharan


Women Empowerment and Leadership
pp. 703-707
Kumari Vandana


Weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina): a multi-utility natural resource in Dima Hasao district, Assam
pp. 709-715
Sabina Langthasa, Robindra Teron and Ajit Kumar Tamuli




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