International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 12  Number 5  (2017)





Influence of cyclone Phailin on the Upper Ocean over Bay of Bengal
pp. 717-729
C. Purna Chand, M.V. Rao, K.V.S.R. Prasad and K.H. Rao

Spatial Variation of Biogenic Aerosols at Different Land Use Configurations in Urban Delhi
pp. 731-744
Palak Balyan, Chirashree Ghosh, Shukla Das and B. D. Banerjee

A Study on Microarthropods Populations under Stressed Environments in Different Edaphic Habitats
pp. 745-753
Manabendra Nath Moitra

A Green Water Technology: Groundwater Quality Investigation - Treatment with Natural Polyelectrolyte
pp. 755-772
Hemangi Desai and Hitesh Desai

Efficiency of Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd in Monitoring Dust
pp. 773-785
Nitesh C.J, Ambika N.J and Alkama G. F

Molecular Level Evolutionary Relationship of the Colonial Ascidian Eudistoma Viride From Southeast Coast of India
pp. 787-800
Nadarajah Sri Kumaran, Subramanian Bragadeeswaran and Venugopal K. Meenakshi

Spatial Monitoring and Variability of Daily Rainfall in Iran
pp. 801-824
Majid Javari

Fenton Modification of Sida rhombifolia for the Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions
pp. 825-837
Avis Tresa Babu and Rosy Antony

Effects of Mustard Oil Cake on Haematological Parameters of the Freshwater Fish Channa punctatus
pp. 839-848
Susanta Nath, Sonali Prosad and Valerio Matozzo

Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste in Kalaburagi City: Quantity, Characteristics and its Operational Efficiency
pp. 849-855
Praveenkumar Hiremath and Mohan. I. Naik

Enhancement of seedling emergence and early growth of Leucaena leucocephala by hot water, mechanical and acid scarification pre-treatments
pp. 857-863
Muhammad Rusdy

Environmental Change Detection using Geo - Spatial Techniques in Aravalli hills and Environs (Faridabad District, Haryana)
pp. 865-875
Deepa Nathalia, K. E Mothi Kumar, Naval Kishore and Gopal Krishnan

Geotechnical Studies to Assess the Stability of Large Granite and Gneiss Boulders Occurring on Hill Slopes at Katabari, Gorchuk in Guwahati, Assam, India
pp. 877-886
Sorat Konwar, Jayanta Jivan Laskar and Mahananda Borah

Resource Development and Management of Groundwater Focusing Sustainability Issues in Urban City
pp. 887-900
Sakshi Sharma, Madhuri S. Rishi and Gagandeep Singh

Assessment of Physical Properties of Monoculture, Polyculture and Termitoria Soils in Udumalaipet, Tamil Nadu, India
pp. 901-908
Kalaichelvi. S and Ezhili. N

Status of Wetland birds at associated lakes of Ujjani Reservoir, Maharashtra, India
pp. 909-924
Karikar Shraddha, Mali Subhash and Kulkarni Prasad


Influence of TBC Coating and Honge Biodiesel on Diesel Engine Exhaust Emission Control
pp. 925-935
K.Muralidharan, S.Mahalingam and S.Radhika


The Importance of Green Technologies and Energy Efficiency for Environmental Protection
pp. 937-951
Mohd. Wira Mohd Shafiei and Hooman Abadi

Pavement Evaluation Studies on Low Volume Roads Using Plastic Coated Aggregate and Bituminous Mix
pp. 953-966
Rohit sahu, Manoj sharma and Ashutosh Trivedi

Tectonophysical Justification of PES Zones of Priurgalsky Region for Seismic Microzoning
pp. 967-976
Kvashuk S.V, Maleev D.Y and Borisova A.A

Trends in intense rainfall events over Gujarat State (India) in the warming environment using gridded and conventional data
pp. 977-998
Hiren Dave, M.E. James and Kamaljit Ray

Oxamyl Utilization by Micrococcus luteus OX, Isolated from Egyptian Soil
pp. 999-1008
Eman A. H. Mohamed

Characterization and Morphological Analysis of Summer and Wintertime PM2.5 Aerosols Over Urban-Rural Locations in Delhi-NCR
pp. 1009-1030
Purnima Bhardwaj, Bhupendra P Singh, Alok K Pandey, Vinod K Jain and Krishan Kumar


Monitoring post mining forest dynamics of the tropical thorn forest in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, India using multi-temporal satellite data
pp. 1031-1044
Vandana Sharma, Smita Chaudhry and Akinchan Singhai





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