International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 12  Number 7  (2017)




Carbon Stock in Upland Agroforestry System, Uttaradit Province, Thailand
pp 1249-1260
Chattanong Podongand Sudarat Permpool

Environmental Awareness in Mamar, a Small Scale Farmersí Traditional Agroforestry in Timor, Indonesia
pp. 1261-1279
Johanna Suek, Slamet Hartonoa, Irhama and Lestari Rahayu Waluyatia

Petrogenesis of ultramafics and mafics of batampudi complex, Khammam district, Telangana state, South India.
pp. 1281-1300
T Brahmaiah, O Vijaya Kumari K Sai Krishna, Ch Ravi and K S Sai Prasad

Analysis of variation in Physio-chemical properties of River Tawi along its course
pp 1301-1311
Muzamil Rashid and Shahid Rasool Tarry

Unifying Knowledge Management Parameters with Mechanical Tools Building Empirical Control Strategy towards Sustainable Development
pp. 1313-1335
Shekhar Salunke and Narendra Katikar

Removal of BTEX from aqueous solution using Mangifera indica (Mango) seed: Kinetics and equilibrium studies
pp. 1337-1358
K. Imran, K. Rama Mohan, N. Sathish Kumar, B. Ramesh Naik and K. Seshaiah

Assessment of Environmental Awareness Among General Public of Assam (India)
pp. 1359-1365
Tribhuwan Kr. Bhartiya

Study of Inter-Relationship between Urban Air Pollution in terms of AQI and Blood Pressure
pp. 1367-1377
Manish Chawla, Suresh Kumar Singh and Vineet Marwaha

Thermal Characteristic of Flame As Quality Parameter of Biogas of Market Waste
pp. 1379-1385
Nasrul Ilminnafik, Digdo Listyadi S. and Hary Sutjahjono

Studies on the ability of aqueous extract of SapindusMukorossi to solubilize polyaromatic hydrocarbons and complex hydrocarbon mixtures
pp. 1387-1399
Sreelakshmi Diddiand Samita Maitra, Sreelakshmi Diddi and Samita Maitra


Experimental Analysis of 500W Standalone PV Systems in 3 Different Regions of South India

pp. 1401-1409

A. Raguram, L. Ashok Kumar and S. Nithin Kumar


Trend Analysis of Monthly Rainfall over Atrak River Basin, Iran

pp. 1411-1448

Majid Javari


Population density and diversity of Soil mites (Order: acarina) in agroforestry habitat: Relationship to Soil temperature and Soil moisture

pp. 1449-1460

Nisha Sharma and Hina Parwez





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