International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 12  Number 8  (2017)




Phytoremedial screening of Abelmoschus esculentus L.
pp. 1461-1478
Shafeeq Ahmed Malik, Anukrati, Himshweta Singh and Rohan D'Souza

Removal and equilibrium studies of Cr (VI) using Ulva fasciata sp. (marine algae) and optimization of Cr(VI) removal by response surface methodology
pp. 1479-1496
P.Prasanna Kumar, Y.Prasanna Kumar and B.Venkateswara Rao

Daily Flight Activity of Trigona laeviceps AND T. minangkabau in Red Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) Plantations in Low and High Lands of West Sumatra
pp. 1497-1507
Dewirman Prima Putra, Dahelm, Siti Salmah and Etti Swasti

A Review: Catalysts for Organic Heterogen Wastewater Treatment
pp. 1509-1519
Uus Supriatna, Dadan Sumiarsa, Akhmad Zainal Abidin and Yayat Dhahiyat

Assessing Paddy Rice Yield Sensitivity to Temperature and Rainfall Variability in Peninsular Malaysia Using DSSAT Model
pp. 1521-1545
Danladi Yusuf Gumel, Ahmad Makmom Abdullah, Alias Mohd. Sood, Rasheida E. Elhadia, Mohammad Asrul Jamalani and Khaled Ali Ahmed Ben Youssef

Experimental Investigation on the Thermal Performance of Cavity Type Heat Sink with PCM
pp. 1547-1559
Sivapragasam A, Senthilkumar D and Mohan R

Influence of polymer addition on granulation in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor: A review
pp. 1561-1573
Vidya Singh, S. S. Narvi and N. D. Pandey

Accumulation of Pb, Cu and Zn in Organ System of Parang Fish (Chirocentrus dorab) and Biang Fish (Setipinna paxtoni) from Meranti Islands, Sumatera Indonesia
pp. 1575-1584
Yusni Ikhwan Siregar


Histochemical Localization of Desiccation Induced Hydrogen Peroxide Production and Its Relation to H+ATPase in Dicranopteris linearis
pp. 1585-1603
Kavitha C H and Murugan K

A Pervasive system for optimizing water utilization in Agriculture using wireless Sensor Networks
pp. 1605-1615
Manish Bhimrao Giri and Ravi Singh Pippal





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