International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 13  Number 1 (2018)





State of Art on Composite Slab Construction
pp. 1-8
Ms.R.Sangeetha, Mr.P.S.Naufal Rizwan, Ms.S.Jansi Sheela, Mr.M.Franchis David and Mr.S.Daniel Raj

Extraction in Laboratory of Heavy Metals Through Rhizofiltration using the Plant Zea Mays (maize).
pp. 9-26
Luis Carlos Losada Benavides1, Luis Alexander Carvajal Pinilla, Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela and Wilson Francisco Rodríguez Serrezuela

Modelling Interaction of CO2 Concentration and the Biomass Algae Due to Reduction of Anthropogenic Carbon Based on Predator-Prey Model
pp. 27-38
Ruly Budiono, Hafizan Juahir, Mustafa Mamat, Sukono andMohamad Nurzaman

Study of Natural Ventilation through Openings on Buildings under Saharan Climatic Conditions
pp. 39-57
M.Hamdani, S.M.A. Bekkouche, T. Benouaz and M.K. Cherier

Ammonia sensing using conducting polymer Ploypyrrole-coated silicon wafer
pp. 59-69
Anil G. Sonkusare, Sachin Tyagi, Sunita Mishra, Mamanpreet Kaur and Ranjan Kumar

Mechanical Properties of Self Compacting Concrete Containing Crushed Sand and Sisal Fiber
pp. 71-81
P.Siva Bala, M.S. Ravikumar and G Vaisakh


Knowledge of Water Related Diseases, Sanitation and Hygiene among Children as Change Agents in Communities

pp. 83-103

Ndububa, O. I. and Ndububa, E. E.


Waste Water Treatment Using Banana Stem Extract From Textile Industries

pp. 105-119

Anupriya J, Naufal Rizwan P S, Jansi Sheela S, Muthu Prema K and Chella Gifta C





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