International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 13  Number 11 (2018)





RE Analysis of Recombinant Plasmid DNA Containing Canine Adenovirus-2 Hexone Gene Grow in E.coli
Chunxiang Xu

Using Variable Rate Seeding and Remote Sensing Technologies to Optimize Corn Yield and Profit on a Farm with Non-Uniform Productivity

Chaorong Li, Guoyong Han, Wenying Zhang and A. Soria-Lorente

In Silico Quantification of Optimal Lysine Synthesis During Growth of Corynebacterium Glutamicum on Mixed Substrates (Glucose and Lactate)

Soria-Lorente and S. Berres

Evidence of climate change, impacts and adaptation measures: The engineering response in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Zheng Zhao and Fenlin Liu

The Use of a Simple Sustainability Index to Protect Groundwater Quality Under Changing Agricultural Land Uses. A Case Study

Daofu Gong

Pathomorphology under Mixed (Colibacterioz, Salmonellosis and Pasterellosis) Infections of Calves

Chien-Hua Tsai

Appraisal of Some Physiological Selection Criteria for Evaluation of Salt Tolerance in Canola (BRASSICA NAPUS L.)

Pin-Chang Su





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