International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 13  Number 5 (2018)




The Use of Local Defoliants to Enhance Efficiency of Defoliation in the Condition of Uzbekistan
X. Yang

Production of Thermostable and Ca+2Independent α-Amylases from Halophilic Bacteria

N. Wu

Effects of Setbacks on Solar Accessibility in Abu Nseir, Amman, Jordan Abstract

J. H. Andrian

The Main Trends in the Development of Industry in Cities and Towns from the Position of Environmental Safety

Pablo Petrashin

Purification and Characterization of Carboxymethyl Cellulase (CMCase) from Penicillium ochrochloron isolated from forest soil of Neyyar Wild Life Sanctuary, India.

Luis Toledo

A Study on the Performance Evaluation of External Light-shelf according to the Arrangement Plan of Furniture

Walter Lancioni

Trends and Effects of Macro-Economic Policy Actions on the Supply of Soybeans in Nigeria

Piotr Osuch




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