International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 13  Number 8 (2018)





Treatment of Gray Water for Reusing in Non-potable Purpose to Conserve Water in India

pp. 703-716

Sonali Manna


Ethnic Distribution Structure in Violence-Induced Segregated Urban Environments

pp. 717-730

Rasheed Osuolale Oladosu and Ahmad Nazri Bin Muhamad Ludin


A Remarkable Use of Energetics by Nature: The Chaotic System of Tropical Cyclones

pp. 731-754

Michel Pluviose


The Importance of the Religious and Scientific Values-Based Knowledge in the Conservation of the Natural Resources and Environment in Indonesia

pp. 755-766



Characteristics and functional properties Black comic Starch (Dolichos lablab) Indonesia

pp. 767-776

Sukamto, Sumarji, Suparno, Suharto and Hasyim Nawawi


A comparative study of Soil mesofaunal population abundance and diversity under HARELA programme in the Northern state of India (Uttar Pradesh)

pp. 777-785

Nisha Sharma and Hina Parwez





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