International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 14  Number 1 (2019)





Purification Capacity and Oxygen Sag in Sringin River, Semarang

pp. 1-16

Churun Ain, Siti Rudiyanti, Haeruddin and Heppi Puspita Sari


Experts’ Perceptions on Environmental Education for Sustainability in México

pp. 17-35

María Elena de la Llata-López and María Laura Sampedro-Rosas


Spatial Variability of Soil Resistivity for Assessing Corrosion Risk and Intensity in the Niger Delta

pp. 37-51

K.S. Okiongbo, E. Akpofure and A.R.C Amakiri


Growth and stock analysis of Stichopus quadrifasciatus (Echinoderm: Holothurians) in Karimunjawa waters, Central Java Province, Indonesia

pp. 53-62

Bambang Sulardiono and Max Rudolf Muskananfola


Trace Elements and Rare Earth Geochemistry of Clay -Rich Soil from Orin Ekiti, Southwestern Nigeria: Implications on Source Rocks and Paleo-Climatic Conditions

pp. 63-84

kin Ojo Oyinloye, Romanus Ayoola Obasi, Abel Ojo Talabi, Olusola Amos, OlaOlorun, Akinola Bolaji Eluwole, Olajide Femi Adebayo and Oladimeji Lawrence Ademilua


Environmental Accounting and Sustainable Financial Performance: Evidence from the Nigerian Petroleum Industry

pp. 85-93

Ikpor Isaac M, Ituma Enuma & Okezie B.N


A Combinatorial Program on Biosafety and Ethics for Veterinary Students

pp. 95-105

Liliana Morales-Nava, María L. Sampedro-Rosas, Adriana C. Gutiérrez-Castillo, Sergio García-Ibáñez, Benjamín Castillo-Elías and Ana L. Juárez-López





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