International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 18  Number 1 (2023)




Inundation based Assessment of Social Vulnerability in Krishna River Delta, Andhra Pradesh, India
pp. 1-14
M.V. Ramana Murty, K. Mruthyunjaya Reddy and K.V. Swamy

Utilization of Squid Gladius (Doryteuthis opalescens) as a Source of Bioactive Compounds: A Waste to Wealth Approach
A.Sree vidhya, M.Asha Berlin, and R. Leena

The Effect of Fire Cracker Burning on Ambient and Indoor PM2.5 Levels in Jodhpur City
pp: 27-38
Pragya Pania, Arun Kumar Sharma, Poonam Singh and Shagun Khare


Physicochemical Analysis of Biomedical Waste Incinerated Bottom Ash Samples to Assess the Biomedical Waste Management Practices of Alwar City, India
pp: 39-47
Deepa Bhambhani


Anaerobic co-digestion of pressmud with vegetable waste in batch reactor for enhanced biogas production
pp: 95-106
Hitesh N and Priya V

One dimensional Energy Balance Model for Moon surface temperature for comparison with Chandrayan-3 measurements
pp: 107-112
Pradip K Pal