International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences


Volume 3 Number 1 March (2008)




Evaluation of Heavy Metals Pollution of Soils around the Derelict Enyigba Mines and Their Sources
pp. 1-10

Authors: Hilary N. Ezeh, Okechukwu L. Anike and Boniface C.E. Egboka

Restoration of Urban Lakes Through Aeration (A case study of Bhopal lakes)
pp. 11-30

Authors: Neelam Verma

Behavioural surveillance of Indian major carp Cirrhinus mrigala (Hamilton) exposed to free cyanide
pp. 31-36

Authors: M.S. Prashanth and S.E. Neelagund

Ground water Quality after Tsunami in Coastal area of Kanyakumari, South Tamilnadu, India
pp. 37-55  

Authors: S. Bhagavathi Perumal and P. Thamarai

Protein Conversion Efficiency of Labeo rohita (Ham.) in Different Cultural Conditions
pp. 37-55

Authors: P. Murugaian, V. Ramamurthy and N. Karmegam

Validated High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Stability Indicating Method for Analysis of Metformin HCl.
pp. 65-73

Authors: A.A. Sakalgaonkar, S.R. Mirgane and B.R. Arbad


Spatial Population Partitioning Using Voronoi Diagrams for Environmental Data Analysis
pp. 75-96

Authors: Ashok K. Singh, Anita Singh and Laxmi P. Gewali

Estimation of Pollution Load at Critical Points in Stream Water Using Various Analytical Methods
pp. 97-105

Authors: G. Mustafa, M.A. Kashmiri, A. Shahzad, M. W. Mumtaz and M. Arshad

Seasonal Variations in Different Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Yamuna river water quality in Proposed Lakhwar hydropower project influence area
pp. 107-117

Authors: Jitendra Singh, D.K. Agrawal and Shradha Panwar





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