International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences


Volume 3 Number 3 (2008)




Thermodynamic Analysis of Solar Water Heating System of Swimming Pools
pp. 217-224
U.S. Wankhede

Fuzzy Evaluation of Air & Noise Quality
pp. 225-234
Anshu Gupta, Vivek Dey and Dr Adity Goel

Floristic Composition and Phenology of a Sub Montane Grazingland as Affected by Scraping and Heavy Grazing
pp. 235-246
Authors: Prem Prakash

A Review on Biodiesel Production, Combustion, Emissions and Performance
pp. 247-264
Authors: Syed Ameer Basha and K. Raja Gopal

IWRM : An Application of Fuzzy Logic in Environmental Impact Assessment
pp. 265-270
Authors: Srijit Biswas, Pankaj Kr. Roy and Sekhar Datta

Comparision of Phytoremediation with Bioremediation for Atrazine Removal From Waste Water
pp. 271-279
Authors: T. Sekar, S. Arunthathi and M.Suresh karthik kumar

Estimation of Solar Radiation from Satellite Images for A Tropical Environment
pp. 281-289
Authors: M.S. Ali, H. Rahman and R. K. Mazumder


An Assessment of Water Quality of SEFIDRUD River After Removal of Silt of SEFIDRUD Dam
pp. 291-298

Authors: Siamak Gholami, S.Srikantaaswamy and M. Nazariha






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