International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences


Volume 4 Number 1 (2009)




Biochemical and Minerals Studies of K-134 Variety Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea. L) Grown in Municipal Water 

pp. 1-8
Authors: S.T. Girisha, M.H.Niranjan, Vinay B. Raghavendra and N.S.Raju

Environmental Assessment for Benthic Pigment Structure in Newly Formed Aquatic Ecosystems at Abou-Zabal Depressions-Egypt

pp. 9-24
Authors: Ahmed M. Abd El-Monem

Nondestructive Assessment of Concrete Structures Exposed to Fire

pp. 25-31
Authors: K.V.G.D.Balaji and SSSV Gopala Raju

TiO2-Assisted Photocatalytic Removal of Phenol: Effect of CO-Pollutants

pp. 33-45
Authors: Muhammad S. Vohra, Ayed A. Malik, mohammad S. Al-suwaiyan, and
Alaadin A. Bukhari

Date Pits as Potential Raw Material for the Production of Activated Carbons

pp. 47-58
Authors: Mohammed H. Essa and Muhammad A. Al-Zahrani

Effect of Diammonium Phosphate in Kings B Medium for the Production of Prodigiosin from Serratia marcescens Isolated from the Gut of Silkworm (Bombyx mori)

pp. 59-70
Authors: Venil, C. K., N. Sangeetha Kamatshi, P. Velmurugan and P. Lakshmanaperumalsamy

Toxicity Evaluation of Pesticide Waste Leachate by Allium Cepa Root (Growth and Cytogenetic) Assay

pp. 71-82
Authors: Sarvesh, J. Singh, Pradeep K. Singh, Vikas Singh and Yogendra P. Singh

Trend of Carbon Dioxide Emission from Advance Vehicular System Predicted Through Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

pp. 83-104
Authors: Bipal Kumar Jana, Mrinmoy Majumdar, Pankaj Kumar Roy and Asis Mazumdar

Validated High Performance liquid Chromatographic Method for Quantification of O-Desmethyl 1-Venalafaxine

pp. 105-111
Authors: B.R.Arbad, A.A.Sakalgaonkar and S.R.Mirgane






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