International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences


Volume 5  Number 1 (2010)




Assessment of Soil Fertility Status in and Around the Tea Gardens of Undivided Darrang District, Assam
pp. 1-10
Authors: Kamala Kanta Borah, Bhabajit Bhuyan and H.P. Sarma

Agrochemical Fertilizers Use in Tea Gardens and Their Impact on Drinking Water Sources of Sonitpur District, Assam, India
pp. 11-20
Authors: Joydev Dutta and A.K. Misra

Studies on Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Hindon River Surface Water of Ghaziabad
pp. 21-27
Authors: Lubna Najam, Nidhi Sharma, R.P. Tyagi and D.S. Jadon

Environmental Impact Assessment of a Proposed Bauxite mining using Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix Method
pp. 29-38
Authors: K. Sundara Kumar

Phytoplanktonic Diversity and Seasonal Fluctuations in Surinsar Wetland, Jammu (J&K) A Ramsar Site
pp. 39-48
Authors: K.K. Sharma, Preeti Verma and Shvetambri

Delineation of Groundwater Potential areas - a Case study from Tirunelveli District, TamilNadu, India
pp. 49-56
Authors: D. Muthuraj, Y. Srinivas and N. Chandrasekar

Water Quality Effects of Hydraulic Dredging and Microbial Autochthon Population, a Case Study in Kochi (Kerala) India
pp. 57-66
Authors: V.S. Sudhanandh, V. J. Ajimon and K. Narendra Babu


Comparative Assessment of the Elemental Concentrations in the Plant Organs of Pterocarpus Santalinoides and its Supporting Soils Collected from Krobo-Jejeti in the Eastern Region, Ghana
pp. 67-76
Authors: Y. Ameyaw, J. Ayivor and S.B. Dampare

Cytochalasins from Static Cultures of Rosellinia Arcuata
pp. 77-85
Authors: E.K. Oppong, R.L. Edwards, D.J. Maitland, A.J.S. Whalley and Y. Ameyaw

Effect of Ethanol on IC engine Characteristics 
pp. 87-94
Authors: P. Lawrence, B. Deepanraj and P. Koshy Mathews

Environmental Pollution in Twin Cities: Its Awareness And control-a case study
pp. 95101
Authors: N.V. Sreenivaslu1 and P. Giridhar Reddy2

Statistical Evaluation of Some Topographic Indices in Ecological Researches (Case Study in West Azerbaijan, Iran)
pp. 103-114
Authors: Basiri Reza and Mozayyan Maleeheh

Isolation and Characterization of Facultatively Autotrophic, Acidophilic, Thermophilic Bacterium, Thiobacillus thermosulfatus sp. Nov. from Coal Mine Overburden Spoil
pp. 115-125
Authors: Amiya Kumar Patel

Evaluation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Sediment of Kolo Creek in the Niger Delta
pp. 127-143
Authors: A. K. Inengite, N. C. Oforka and Leo C. Osuji

Modeling of Suspended Solids, Dissolved Solids and Total Solids Removal from Industrial Effluents Using Artificial Neural Networks
pp. 145-149
Authors: R. K. Jain





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