International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences


Volume 5  Number 2 (2010)




Ground Water Quality Around Tanning Industries in Tiruchirappalli
pp. 151-159
Authors: K. Gokulakrishnanm and K. Balamurugan

Disposal of Solid Waste in Tanning Industry by Vermicomposting Method
pp. 161-168
Authors: K. Gokulakrishnanm and K. Balamurugan


Study on Biogas Production from Vegetable Waste by Indigenous Microbes
pp. 169-178
Authors: Priyanka Gupta, Raj Shekhar Singh, Ashish Sachan, Ambarish S. Vidyarthi, Asha Gupta and Nimisha Tripathi

COD and BOD Removal from Textile Wastewater using Natural Materials 
pp. 179-188
Authors: Himanshu Patel and R.T. Vashi

The Investigation of Tehran’s Heat Island by using the Surface Ozone and Temperature Data
pp, 189-200
Authors: Mohammad Mousavi-Baygi, Batool Ashraf and Ameneh Miyanabady

Ambient Lead (Pb) Concentration, Bioaccumulation and its Effects on Leaf Epidermal Structures of Bougainvillea Spectabilis
pp. 201-213
Authors: Mani Singh and R. M. Mishra

Effects of Salinity on Solute and Ion Transport in Quasi-Structural Unstable Sodic Soil in a Semi-Arid Environment in Botswana: Simulations Using Mixed Ions of Sodium(Na+) and Calcium(Ca2+)
pp. 215-226
Authors: Otlogetswe Totolo and Oagile Dikinya

Lead in Soils and Tolerant Herbs on Roadsides in Search of the Metal Accumulation Patterns in Diverse Species
pp. 227–244
Authors: J. G. Ray and Jojo George


Histopatholigical Changes in Brain of P. Ticto (HEM).Due To Lead Toxicity
pp. 245–249
Authors: Seema Bharadwaj and Lalit Choudhary

Antioxidant Status of Vigna Mungo Grown In Different Concentrations of Tannery Effluent
pp. 251–255
Authors: P. Baby Shakila and K. Usha

Advanced Technology Like Reverse Osmosis in Tannery Effluent Treatment to Enhance the Reusing Potential of Treated Effluent at Various Stages of Tanning Process
pp. 257–263
Authors: K. Gokulakrishnan and K. Balamurugan

Influence of Seasonal Changes of the Effluent Treatment Plant at the Tanning Industry
pp. 265–270
Authors: K. Gokulakrishnan and K. Balamurugan

Environment Pollution: A Need of Mass Movement 
pp. 271–274
Authors: B.K. Ambasta, Arvind Dewangan, Prakash kumar Dewangan and Sanjay Kumar Singh

Air Pollution Characterization and Modeling of an Industrial Intermediate City
pp. 275–296
Authors: David G. Allende, Fernando H. Castro and Salvador E. Puliafito

Characterizing Mobile Emissions by on-board Measurements
pp. 297–316
Authors: Salvador Enrique Puliafito, Miguel Angel Gantuz and José Luis Puliafito





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