International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences


Volume 5  Number 4 (2010)




Ground Water Quality Assessment of Srikakulam District of Andhrapradesh, India, using GIS
pp. 495-504
Authors:  K. Sundara Kumar, Ch. Kannam Naidu,
and P. Udayabhaskar

Trace Metal Levels in the Muscle Tissues of Ctenopharyngodon Idella (Grass Carp) and Ophiocephalus (Snake Headed Fish) of Antiya Tal of Jhansi City (U.P.)
pp. 505-512
Authors:  G. Haroon, R.S. Khoiyangbam, S. Ahmad and S.M. Zuber

Petroleum Hydrocarbons Content in Coral Reefs Sediments from Red Sea of Yemen
pp. 513-520
Authors:  Nabil, A. Al-Shwafi, Mohammed Gazzaz and Khaled. H. Al-Mughallas

Problems Related to Processing of Manganese Ore Fines 
pp. 521-527
Authors:  Y. Prasanna Kumar, P. Vijetha, K. Kumaraswamy, B. Sumalatha, T. Anup Kumar, K. Maria Das and K. Kalpana

Assessment of Reservoir Sedimentation for Environmental Planning in Rajaval Reservoir of Gujarat (India)
pp. 529-540
Authors:  R. K Jaiswal T. Thomas and R.V. Galkate

A Shape-Similarity Index for Stiff Diagrams1 
pp. 541-552
Authors:  Ashok K.Singh and Laxmi P. Gewali

Climate Change and Food Security: Priority Concerns in Indian Agricultural Sector
pp. 553-557
Authors:  Vinay Kr. Upadhyay and Kamna Sachdeva

Study of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Groundwater Quality of Khargone District in Madhya Pradesh
pp. 559-562
Authors:  Vibha Shrivastava, Amitabh Shrivastava, Preeti Gupta and Monika Vishwakarma

Performance Evolution of Effluent Treatment and Recycling Plant Narmada Gelatines Jabalpur
pp. 563-569
Authors: S.P. Gautam, P.S. Bundela, A. Kapoor, M.K. Awasthi and S. Sarsaiya


Assessment of River Water Quality Status by using Water Quality Index (WQI) in Industrial Area of Orissa
pp. 571-579
Authors: Rizwan Reza and Gurdeep Singh

Adsorption of Zinc by Natural Adsorbent Bentonite a Clay Material
pp. 581-589
Authors: Y. Prasanna Kumar, P. Vijetha, K. Kumaraswamy, P. Pallavi, K. Venkata Rao, T. Anup Kumar, K. Mariadas and G. Kalyani

Dust Concentration Prediction in Coal Mines by Probabilistic Neural Network Model
pp. 591-602
Authors: Bindhu Lal and Sanjaya Shankar Tripathy

Studies on Food Webs Using Matrices Associated With Graphs 
pp. 603-608
Authors: Phalguni Mukherjee

Lake Area Change Detection Aided by GIS Techniques: A Study Conducted at Two Ramsar Sites of India
pp. 609-616
Authors: Ruchira Chaudhary and Rachana S. Pillai

Impact Assessment of Effluent Discharge on Underground Water Qualities around Gemini Distillery, Nanjangud, Mysore District
pp. 617-626
Authors: Touba Khosravi, H.P Shivaraju, C.P. Sajan and K. Byrappa

Land Use / Land Cover Change in Angul-Talcher Region, Orissa, India
pp. 627-636
Authors: Prasoon Kumar Singh, Ruchi Singh and Gurdeep Singh

Evaluation of the Potential of the Electric Energy Generation from Landfill Gas in Argentine
pp. 637-650
Authors: Gabriel Blanco and Estela Santalla


A Sample Survey of the Population of Some Communities in the Winneba Metropolis in the Central Region of Ghana
pp. 651-657
Authors: Y. Ameyaw




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