International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)


Volume 7  Number 3 (2012)



Ground Water Condition in Relation with Toposequence: A Study on Birbhum District West Bengal State of India
pp. 247-251
Author: Priyanka Das

Assessment of Ground Water Quality in the Terana Basin at Dhoki, Dist. Osmanabad, India
pp. 253-257
Authors: Jabbar G. Mulla, Vidya Pradhan, Sayyed Hussain and Mazahar Farooqui

An Appraisal of Facilities Management Practice in Nigeria: A Perceptual Survey
pp. 259-271
Authors: Dubem I. Ikediashi, Stephen O. Ogunlana. and Oluwaseyi and A. Awodele

Integrated Geo-Environmental Evaluation for Sustainable Development on Watershed Basis Using Remote Sensing, GIS and Conventional Data Sets of Catchment Area of Kolleru Lake, W.G. Dt, A.P., India

pp. 273-279
Authors: P.A.R.K. Raju, Dr. K.R.K. Raju, S. Sridhara Naidu and P. Raghuram

Performance Comparison of Activated Sludge Systems with Conventional and Extended Aeration in Removal of Protozoan Cysts and Parasite Egg from Wastewater: A Case Study, IRAN
pp. 281-287
Authors: Kiomars Sharafi, Meghdad Pirsaheb and Touba Khosravi

The Influence of Serum Bovine and Egg Albumin on the Corrosion of Pure Aluminum in Sodium Hydroxide Solutions
pp. 289-296
Authors: Amal S. I. Ahmed, Waffa A. Ghannem, Rabab M. Abou Shahba, Azza El-Sayed El-Shenawy and Safaa M. Tantawy

Experimental Determination of Effective Porosity and Specific Capacity under Controlled Conditions in a Laboratory
pp. 297-306
Authors: James M. Wilkinson and Naotatsu Shikazono

GIS-based Multicriteria Decision Analysis Applied for Environmental Issues; the Greek Experience
pp. 307-321
Authors: Dimitrios Gounaridis and George N. Zaimes

Hand-held Voltammetric Analyser for Real-Time Monitoring of Heavy Metals in Situ
pp. 323-332
Authors: Dr. Konstantinos Christidis, Prof. Peter Robertson and Prof. Pat Pollard

Global Warming: A Review of the Year our Worst Fears are exceeded by Reality
pp. 333-338
Authors: Pruthviraj R.D. and Prakash C.H.

Model Evaluation from Soil Porosity to Predict the Rate of Microbial Transport Contaminating Ground Water Aquifer in Delta Environment: Okwuezi Region River State of Nigeria
pp. 339-347
Authors: Eluozo, S.N., Nwaobakata, C. and Udeh, N.

A New Method to Calculate Effective Porosity Based on Specific Capacity Data from Drillers’ Logs
pp. 349-362
Authors: James M. Wilkinson and Naotatsu Shikazono

A Test Study of Oscillatoria Bornettia for Application in Bioremediation of Crude Oil Polluted Terrestrial Ecosystem
pp. 363-371
Authors: Albert E. and Anyanwu D.I.




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