International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)


Volume 8  Number 1 (2013)




Environmental Pollution Quality Assessment of the Water of Bonny River and Creeks around Okrika
pp. 1-11
Authors: Marcus, A.C., Okoye, C.O.B. and Ibeto, C.N.

Treatment of Global Rejection of Electroplating Industry by Raw Chitin
pp. 13-23
Authors: F. Boukhlifi , C. El Akili, H. Moussout, A. Benzakour, H. Ahlafi

Effect of Combustion Temperature on the Fuel-N Transformation During Combustion of Sludge with or without Hydrothermal Pretreatment
pp. 25-35
Authors: PeitaoZHAO, HongfangCHEN,ShifuGE and KunioYoshikawa


Research on Measurement Method of the Concentration of Indoor inhalable Particulate Matters
pp. 37-46
Authors: Hongli Liu and Xiong Zhou

Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Over Mandya in Karnataka
pp. 47-51
Author: Ananda HT

Quantification Natural Background and Anthropogenic Nitrate in River Water by Using Model Based Objective Methods
pp. 53-61
Author: Linhua Sun

Effects of Willow (Salix Babylonica) Culture Filtrates on Chlorophyll Fluorescence Characteristics of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa under Nutrient Limitation
pp. 63-76
Authors: Peiyong Guo and Qinghua Li

Comparative Studies of Ambient Air Quality for Volatile Organic Compounds in Benin City Using Active and Passive Sampling Methods
pp. 77-88
Authors: Okuo, J.M., Iria, O.P., Sodeinde, K.O., Olusanya, S.O., Babalola, B.M. and Olumayede, E.G.

Collaborative Production Planning with Returns and Remanufacturing in Decentralized Multi-Factory Environment
pp. 89-110
Authors: Yi Jing, Xu Wang, Wechuan LI and Lei Deng





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