International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 10 (2013)




Grey Finite Difference Models for Solute Transport Equation
PP. 1143-1152
Authors: Fuhui Du, Xiaoli Wang And Changjun Zhu

Study on Top-Level Design of Carbon Emissions Trading in China's Building Sector
pp. 1153-1164
Authors: Cai Weiguang, Ren Hong, Lu Yuanyuan and Li li

Study on the Impact of Tourism Development of Jiuzhai Huanglong Scenic Spot to Lake Water
pp. 1165-1176
Authors: Xiaoyan Li and Hongwei Hu

Impact Analysis of Natural Environment on British English
pp. 1177-1183
Authors: Wang Jing, Bian Fenglian and Song Jie


Study on the Mechanism of PVDF Membrane Modification by Nano-particles

pp. 1185-1192

Author: Wang Huiya


Hyperspectral Analysis of Chrysotile Depending on Wavelength and Refractive Index
pp. 1193-1200
Authors: Hosang Ahn, Byungkwon Jung, Dae Gyu Jang, Jae Roh Park and Jin Chul Joo


Empirical Research on the Relationship Strength between Organizations and Organizational Governance in the Basin Water Pollution Control Network: A Case Study of Taihu Lake Basin

pp. 1201-1219
Authors: Linkai Qi and Haiwei Zhou

Analysis of Agricultural Water Easing Mode Based on Distributed Water-economic Model
pp. 1221-1233
Authors: Peng Ma, Huili Liu and Shengyong Liu

Prediction of CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption and GDP in China Utilizing an Improved Grey Model
pp. 1235-1245
Authors: Wei Li and Qingxiang Ou


Study on the High mountain snowmelt runoff forecast system based on GIS Technology
pp. 1247-1256
Authors: Xianyong Meng, Qiudong Zhao, Xiaonan Ji, Junqiang Yao, Yang Liu and Zhihui Liu

Research on Green Economy Mechanism and Institution Based on Coordinated Development of Economy and Environment
pp. 1257-1267
Author: Bin Zhou

Energy Conservation Evaluation on Thermal PowerEnterprises Based on Three-dimensional and Gray Correlation Analysis
pp. 1269-1282
Authors: WANG Haonan and WEI Zhichao






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