International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 11 (2013)




Evaluation of Performance for Volume Fractured Horizontal Well in Tight Oil Reservoirs
pp. 1283-1295
Authors: Du baojian, Cheng linsong, Zhang jin and Zhou yanbin

Study on Genetic Diversity of Drepanostachyum Luodianense (Yi et R.S Wang) Keng f.
pp. 1297-1303
Authors: Ji-Ming Liu, Wang Min, Li Peng, Yan Qiang and Chi Xing

Analysis of the Impact of Noise on the Value of Real Estate Based on CVM
pp. 1305-1311
Author: Chen Chen


Empirical Research on Evaluation of Economic Growth and Environment Coordination Degree based on Principal Component Analysis

pp. 1313-1319
Authors: Chu Mingchang, Li Shibo and Zhang Hao

Research on Compulsory Promotion Policies of Building Integrated Solar Thermal
pp. 1321-1330
Authors: CAI Wei-guang, REN Hong, LI Li and WANG Xia

Testing Pyrophorisity of Ferrous Sulfide with the Crossing Point Method
pp. 1331-1340
Authors: Hui Liu, Yunfei Hu and Zhixing Wang

Research on the Impact of Natural Environment on Physical Training Based on Factor Analysis
pp. 1343-1349
Author: Chao Fan

Washing of Phenanthrene, Pyrene, Cd(II) and Pb(II) Co-contaminated Loess Soil Using Tween 80 and EDTA Solutions
pp. 1351-1360
Authors: Baowei Zhao, Ting Liu and Jingyuan Ran

“Lv Ling Mode”-Experience and Enlightenment on Sustainable Development of Fruit Industry
pp. 1361-1371
Authors: BinBin Yang, Peijun Tao, Weimin Yuan and Yuechen Zhang

Forest fire monitoring system design based on ZigBee and GPS
pp. 1373-1382
Authors: Yuan Haohao and Zhang Lianmeng

Simulation Study on River Water Quality Based on WASP
pp. 1383-1390
Authors: Xiu-li LI, Pan Jianbo and Liu Dedong

The Design of Coal Mine Monitoring Simulation System Based on LabVIEW
pp. 1391-1400
Authors: Wei Qingjin, Peng Jiansheng, Wen Jing, Liu Sen and Yang Degui

Estimation of the surface roughness length and bulk transfer coefficients over the hinterland of Taklimakan Desert
pp. 1401-1411
Authors: Yongqiang Liu, Ali Mamtimin, and Qing He

Response of Desertification Based on the Global Climate Change in Xinjiang
pp. 1413-1421
Authors: Li Chengzhi, Zhang Yan, Meng Xianyong and Liu Zhihui

Study on Mutual Effect between College Students' Physical Exercise and Natural Environment
pp. 1423-1428
Author: Yan Hu







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