International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 12 (2013)




Modelling and Analysis of Impact Properties on Polyurethane Composites Using Fea
pp. 1429-1438
Authors: R. Anbazhagan and Dr. G. P. Rajamani

Experimental Study of Influence of Sediment on Ammonia Nitrogen
pp. 1439-1445
Authors: Changjun Zhu, Ming Liu and Wenlong Hao


A Game Analysis of Cost and Profit Allocation in Cooperative Incubation : A Research of University Environmental Protection Enterprises

pp. 1447-1458

Authors: Liu Yang, Ding Yunlong and Cai Defa


Effects of Secondary Treated Wastewater Irrigation on Microbial Diversity in PAH-contaminated Soil
pp. 1459-1472
Authors: Hou Wei, Wu Dan, Li Xiaojun, Wang Li, Ma Fang, Chen Feng and Xue Shuang


Study on Heat Transfer of High Temperature Heat Pipe Solar Receiver
pp. 1473-1480
Authors: Hui XU, Yan SHEN, Ping YU, Tong BAI, Hong ZHANG

Soil Moisture Dynamics and Evapotranspiration of Seven Revegetation Patterns in Horqin Sandy Land, China
pp. 1481-1493
Authors: Na ZHANG, DeMing JIANG, ALAMUSA and Toshio OSHID

Management and Effectiveness of Harmless Disposal of Waste Drilling Fluid in Ultra-low Permeability Oilfield
pp. 1495-1501
Authors: Changchun Shi, and Na Li

A Comprehensive Evaluation of China's Economic and Social Development Based on Its Resources and Environment
pp. 1503-1512
Authors: Xinling Du, and Cheng Xin

Study on the Energy Saving Mechanism of Elliptical Tube Based on Entropy Algorithm
pp. 1513-1520
Authors: Gao Junwen, and Quan Yanming

Study on Poverty and Environmental Management in Rural China Based on Fuzzy Set Theory
pp. 1521-1529
Authors: Xiaoguang Hu and Zhiguo Zhang

Performance of Plywood Treated with A Novel P-N Flame Retardant
pp. 1531-1537
Authors: Wang Mingzhi, Zhang Siqi, Chen Xie and Li Li

The Research on Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure in China under Low Carbon Economy
pp. 1539-1546
Author: Ji Haili

Preparation of Carbon Fibers from Liquefaction of Wood
pp. 1547-1554
Authors: Wang Mingzhi, Wang Teng and Zhao Guangjie

Designed Implementation of Vulnerability Risk Map of Drader Wadi Watershed (Morocco)
pp. 1555-1567
Authors: Assmaa Bachir, Rachid El bayad, Mohamed Dakki, Mustapha Bengueddour and Driss Ouazar

The Teaching Research Based on Natural Ecological Environment and the Knowledge Theory of University Sports
pp. 1569-1579
Author: Hu Zhongyu





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