International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 13 (2013)




Research on Development of Environmental Protection Network Information System
pp. 1581-1593
Authors: Min Liu, Jing Cao, Xiyin Liu and Yanru Xue

Environment Effects of Constructing URRT Proximity on Apartment Prices within TOD Area Based on HPM
pp. 1595-1606
Author: Jiazhong Zhou

An Empirical Study on Coal Consumption, GDP and SO2 Pollution Relationship in China
pp. 1607-1615
Authors: Yanwen Wang, Zhaohui Liu and Zhikun Xu

Research on NanchongUrbanHeat Island During the Past 20 Years on the Basis of the Remote sensing Technology
pp. 1617-1625
Authors: XieBing, XuHui-xi, QiuWen-xia and Du Wen-ju

Empirical Analysis on Decision of Old Urban Area Environmental Improvement Project Based On Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
pp. 1627-1644
Authors: LIU Wei, BAO Yong-an and XUE Fu-yang

Research on Regional Economy Prediction Based on Partial Least Squares Support Vector Regression
pp. 1645-1652
Authors: Hongshan Ai and Junjun Shi

Research on Multi-Facility Weber Problem with Polyhedral Barriers to Reduce Carbon Emissions
pp. 1653-1664
Authors: Jianqin Zhou and Sen Zheng

Research on Sustainable Development of Forest Park Ecotourism in Hebei Province
pp. 1165-1674
Authors: He Wenzheng, Yang Jianzhao and Bai Cuiling

The Study of Computer Aided Color Design on the Exterior Environment Based on VPX Bus
pp. 1675-1686
Author: Ding Ding

Application Research of Nanometer Materials on Aquatic Environmental Pollutant Monitoring
pp. 1687-1697
Author: Xiang Chen

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Parameters of Extreme Value Model Based on Bootstrap Method
pp. 1699-1706
Author: LI Xiaokang

The Implementation State Analysis and Strategic Research on Chinese Environmental Liability Insurance
pp. 1707-1714
Authors: Zhou Can and Deng Chao

Discussing The Impact of Physical Educational Atmospheric Pollution on Students Emotion
pp. 1715-1720
Authors: Cui Caiyun and Mu Runkuan

Based on Public Buildings Numerical Simulation of Evacuation Exits: Case Study in Shenzhen Dance Hall Fire
pp. 1721-1725
Author: Tang Hong

Study on Improvement of Legal System of Rural Environmental Pollution
pp. 1727-1736
Author: Jiao Xue

The Design and Research of Greenhouse Environmental Monitoring System Based on Wireless Network
pp. 1737-1746
Author: Xu Yan






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