International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 15 (2013)




Research on Influence of Brackish Water Irrigation on Yield of Winter Wheat
pp. 1877-1885
Authors: LI Xiu-li, LI Xiao-yu, WANG Shu-qian and FEI Liang-jun


Study on Coal Economic Ecosystem Model Based on Sustainable Development of Ecological Environment
pp. 1887-1896
Author: Yuqian Li


CRM Geologic Model Conversion Method of Rock Engineering Based on Three-Dimensional Geologic Model
pp. 1897-1908
Authors: Ming Zhang, Libiao Liu, Shujie Dun and Lei Dai


Analysis on Urbanization and Ecological Environmental Interactive Coupling Mechanism and Regularity-a Case Study of Xi 'an Development Pattern Evolution

pp. 1909-1921

Author: Tianying Li


The Research of Natural Environmental Factors on The Impact of Wind Turbine Operation
pp. 1923-1932
Authors: Junping Wang

Diversity of Benthic Diatoms and Correlation withWater Quality of Yom River, Thailand
pp. 1935-1948
Authors: Ekkacahi Yana, YuwadeePeerapornpisal and Shigeki Mayama

The Impact of Shadow Economy on Environment: An Empirical Investigation into Pollution in China
pp. 1947-1959
Authors: LI Jinchang, LIU Bo and XU Aiting

Implementation of Safety Education Program for Material Handling Equipment in Construction Sites and its Effectiveness Analysis Using T-Test
pp. 1961-1969
Authors: C. N. Anil Kumar, R. Krishnaraj, M.Sakthivel and M. Arularasu

Assessment of Spatial Distribution of Cultivated Crops in Marudaiyar Basin, Tamil Nadu
pp. 1971-1979
Authors: Balaselvakumar.S, Kumaraswamy.K and N. Jawahar Raj

Research on the Measurement of CO2 Emissions on Transportation: Evidence from Baoding City
pp. 1981-1990
Authors: Lei Wen, and Qian Gao

Ideological and Political Education Evaluation of Universities and Ecological and Natural Recovery by AHP
pp. 1991-1996
Authors: Tao An and Li-fang Zhang

Global Warming Impact and Migration of Animals and Plants
pp. 1997-2006
Authors: Chengzhi LI, Yan ZHANG, Zhihui LIU, Xiaonan JI and Xianyong MENG


Validation Study on the Relationship between Environmental Pollution and Tax Revenue Growth: Shanghai as a Case Study
pp. 2007-2016
Author: Yan He







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