International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 16 (2013)




Experimental Study on Vertical Distribution of Flow Velocity in Vegetated Rectangle Open-channel
pp. 2017-2023
Authors: Changjun Zhu,Wenlong Hao and Xiangping Chang

Research on Index System and Standard in River Health Assessment
pp. 2025-2033
Authors: Wang Guosheng, Guo Lianjin and Li Huilin

Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems in Technical, Environmental and Economical Aspects: Case Study Pichanur Village, Coimbatore, India
pp. 2035-2042
Authors: Balachander Kalappan and Dr. Vijayakumar Ponnusamy

Experimental Study on the Influence of Vegetation on the Pollutant Transport in Open Channels
pp. 2043-2049
Authors: Changjun Zhu and Wenlong Hao

Analysis on Supplier Selection Mechanism Under the Concept of Green Procurement Based on AHP
pp. 2051-2060
Authors: Zhiqiang Li 1and Chen Zhang

Semantic Relation Graph Model-Based Assembly Unit Division Method with Interference Correction by Assembly Interference Matrix
pp. 2061-2071
Authors: Zhongqi Sheng, Lei Zhang and Hualong Xie

Research on Sustainable Development Strategy of Agricultural Machinery Enterprises to Expand Overseas Based on Low Carbon Economy
pp. 2073-2079
Author: Jianhua Liu

The Impact of Brand Equity on Capital Structure and Firmís Sustainable Development
pp. 2081-2088
Authors: Jiale Chen and Gang Zhang

Study on Nodes Select Model under the Environment of Logistics Network and Sustainable Development
pp. 2089-2094
Author: Chen Jiaxiang

Construction of Whole Stand Growth Model
pp. 2095-2105
Authors: Liu Yang, Tie Niu, Guo Yanrong, Cai Shuo and Guo Enying

Research on China's Money Supply and Sustainable Development of Economic Growth
pp. 2107-2115
Author: Zhou Can

Research on Sustainable Strategy of Enterpriseís Budget Management and Control Method
pp. 2117-2122
Author: Li Feng

On Ecological Criticism Discourse Analysis of English Advertisement
pp. 2123-2130
Authors: Chen Zhang and Zhiqiang Li

Sustainable Development and Practical Training Mode for Student in Electrical Information Major
pp. 2131-2139
Authors: Zhou Yongjie and Gao Liai and Li Ying

Application of Carbon Stable Isotope Pulse Labeling Technique in Research on Carbon Allocation in Plant-Soil System
pp. 2141-2147
Authors: Nana Wu, Edith Bai and Wenhua Xu






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