International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 17  (2013)




Optimization of Household Refrigeration Appliances Supply Chain Network Based on Low-carbon Product Certification
pp. 2149-2163
Authors: Xianliang Shi, Ruixue Zang, Guowei Hua and Jingyan Wang

Research on Relationship between Fixed-asset Investment and Environmental Quality Based on EKC
pp. 2165-2177
Authors: Xiang Xie and Lili Yan

Selection of the Leading Industries for Sustainable Development of Regional Economy: An Empirical Study based on the Grey Approach
pp. 2179-2191
Authors: Xu Zhikun, Liu Zhaohui and Li Xiuli

Green Technology Innovation Policy in Henan Province: Taking Building Materials Industry as an Example
pp. 2193-2201
Author: Fan Lijun

Effect of Cadmium Stress on Ammonium Assimilation Enzymes and Polyamine in the Roots of Rice (Oryza sativa) with Different Cadmium Resistance
pp. 2203-2214
Authors: Bing Li, Wen Xiang He, Chang QuanWang, Yuan Li and Qiang Xu

Study on PCB Washing Wastewater Treatment Using UF-RO Dual Membrane System
pp. 2215-2220
Authors: Yiting Zhang and Haibo Lun

Online Strategy for Scheduling A Reservoir for Sudden Water Pollution in Downstream Channel
pp. 2221-2228
Authors: Hai Ru, Feng Gao, Yinfeng Xu, Xiaohong Guan and Nan Gao

A Modified Fuzzy AHP Model for Assessing the Mining Geological Environment of Mountain Coal Mines
pp. 2229-2241
Authors: Guanghua Yao, Changpeng Tu and Yunping Liao

Research on Evaluation of College Studentsí Moral Education in Terms of Renewable Ecology and Environmental Protection
pp. 2243-2252
Authors: Xin XIA and Shuo ZHAO





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