International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 23-24  (2013)




Water Quality Analysis and Evaluation in Kuangmenkou Station Using Grey Clustering
pp. 2773-2780
Authors: Jianbo Pan, Dedong Liu and Zhou Gao

An Experimental Investigation on Ethanol Blends and 10%Ethanol+Isobutanol-Gasoline Mixtures Operated Single Cylinder Four Stroke SI Bajaj Engine
pp. 2781-2792
Authors: Balaji Dhanapal, Palani S, Vijayakumar Dharmaraj and Jawahar M K

The Inspiration of UK Company Law Reform on Our Country’s Enterprises and Markets in Environmental Crisis Era[1]
pp. 2793-2801
Author: Xiaochen Zhang

The Dual Relational Research of Sports Development and Natural Environment
pp. 2803-2809
Author: Hengtao Guo

Ammonia Removal Dynamic Simulation through the Pulse Discharge Technique
pp. 2811-2818
Authors: Lianshui Zhang, Xiaojun Wang, Weidong Lai and Xiaomin Feng

Research on Energy Saving Effect of Manufacturing Industrial Upgrading in Yangtze River Delta
pp. 2819-2828
Author: Heng Ma


Comparative Studies on Cleaning Effect and Electricity Generation Capacity of Microbial Fuel Cell in Different Water Quality Conditions
pp. 2829-2836
Authors: Li-ping FAN, Xiao-hui MIAO and Chong LI

Route Optimization for Tourist by Using an Improved TLBO Algorithm
pp. 2837-2851
Authors: Hong He and Shou-heng Tuo

Experimental Study on Desulfurization Performance of Activated Carbon Fiber
pp. 2853-2861
Authors: Jihong Zhou, Xia Zhang and Qi Jiang

Engineering Properties of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana)
pp. 2863-2867
Authors: Shankar. M., Chowde Gowda. M., Manikandan. R. and Usha Ravindra


Explore the Influence of Natural Environment to Highway Traffic Safety of Mountainous Area Based on DEA Theory
pp. 2869-2877
Authors: Ming Zhang, LiBiao Liu, YuanHao Li and HaiBo Shu

Algorithm Research of Detecting Abnormal Data in Environmental Monitoring of Wireless Network Sensor: The DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm
pp. 2879-2887
Authors: Kuiying Wang and Yanwei Yu

China's Recessive Unemployment Measuring Based on Recent Years Data
pp. 2889-2899
Authors: Chu Yujing and BaiYujie

Trace Determination of La(III), Ce(III), Sm(III), Eu(III) and Gd(III) with Thioglycolic Acid using Amperometric Technique
pp. 2901-2905
Authors: Rajni Arora, Ritu Langyan, Dayawati, V.B.Taxak and S.P. Khatkar


The Study of Creative Cultural Industry Competitiveness Based on The Environmental and Cultural Mediation Development Models
pp. 2907-2916
Author: Lihong Guo and Changming Li


The Evaluation of Green Marketing Performance Based on Grey Correlation Analysis on BP Model

pp. 2917-2924

Author: Heng Liu


Study on Design and Implementation of Marine Environmental Safety Monitoring System-Based on Wireless Sensor Network

pp. 2925-2934

Author: Xiehua Yu


Study on Aesthetic Construction of English Culture and Natural Environment

pp. 2935-2646

Author: Guilan Jiao


Exploration for Environmental Economic Model of Developing International Metropolis——Taking Chongqing As an Example

pp. 2947-2955

Author: Yan Zeng


Based on the Application of DEA Model in Low Carbon Economic Transformation-Take an Example of Financial Governance Research of Jiangsu Rural Commercial Bank

pp. 2957-2968

Authors: Hairong Wang and Chengxuan Geng






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