International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 3 (2013)




Competitive Sorption Characteristics of Heavy Metal Ions in Multi-metal Systems on Natural Clinoptilolite from Baiyin, China

pp. 237-255
Authors: Baowei Zhao, Li Zhang, Jinkui Zhong and Ruirui Li


Distribution and Regional Geochemical Baseline Constitute of Heavy Metals in Agriculture Soils: A Case Study from Suburb of Suzhou City, Northern Anhui Province, China

pp. 257-266

Authors: Song Chen and He Rong Gui


Jet Ejector and its Importance in Context of Indian Industry

pp. 267-269

Author: K. S. Agrawal


The Effect of Local Government Expenditure on CO2 Emissions: An Empirical Investigation in China

pp. 271-281

Authors: Xiao Huimin, Liu Huihuang and Liu Yanguang


Study on Thermal Comfort in Confined Space for Coalmine Refuge

pp. 283-291

Authors: Li Fangwei and Jin Longzhe


The Study on Carbon Emissions Reduction Potential of Industrial Sectors in Guangdong Province

pp. 293-302

Authors: Hao Liu and Lan Gao


Comparison and Experience of Carbon Emission Reduction Policies in European Union, California and Australia

pp. 303-312

Author: Yang Su


The Application of Classification and Regression Tree (CART) with Multi-feature Image on Land Cover Classification in Mining Area

pp. 313-324

Authors: Xiaowen Jin, Ningtao Wang, Mingming Luo, Jianguo Liu, Man Xu and Zhihua Chen


Assessment of Comprehensive Carrying Capacity of Coastal Zone based on State-Space Method: A Case Study of Wenzhou, China

pp. 325-336
Authors:  Yue’yin Cai, Wei-wei Wang , YongLin and Ping Shi


Empirical Analysis on Comprehensive Evaluation of Ecological Community Under Urbanization Development Planning Based on Modified Fuzzy Method

pp. 337-346

Authors WeiLiu and Yong’anBao


Research on Ecological Compensation Standard System of Water Pollution in Huaihe River Basin

pp. 347-361

Authors: Taozhen Huang and Shengbang Song


Study of Utilization Mode of Rainfall Flood Resources in Community Landscape Engineering Planning — A Case Study of Fulekang Community of Luoyang, China

pp. 363-370

Authors: Lifang Qiao, Yichuan Zhang, Lianfang Yao and Jiangping Wang


Impact of Economic Growth on Environmental Pollution: Evidence from Liaoning Province in China

pp. 371-379

Authors: CHU Mingchang and YANG Feixue


Study of Increasing Adverse Effects of Heavy Metals in Soil, Ground Water and Plants in Depleting Human Health: A Case Study from Village Mati,District Barabanki, India

pp. 381-391

Authors: Shashi Verma, Vibhuti Rai, Vinod Jain and A.K. Jauhri


A Framework for Assessing Low-carbon City Based on AHP Method

pp. 393-399

Author: Bingjie LI and Lu CHEN





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