International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 5 (2013)





Depollution Using Gasification Process of Biomass

pp. 515-519

Authors: D. Kherbouhe, B. Benyoucef, D. Kherbouhe and B. Benyoucef


Improved Grey Relational Analysis of Influence Factors on Water Consumption in Wuhan City
pp. 521-528
Authors: Fang He, and Tao Tao


Optimal Design of Energy Efficient IT Park Building– A Case Study

pp. 529-542

Authors: Chidambaranathan Velan and Pachaivannan Partheeban


Biochemical Alterations Induced by Cypermethirin in the Freshwater Fish Oreochromis Mossambicus

pp. 543-547

Authors: A. Paritha Bhanu and K.J. Khusnuma Begam


Reduction of Nox Emission on a Biodiesel Fuelled Diesel Engine Using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Technique

pp. 549-560

Authors: K. Sivasami, Dr. V. Selladuari, Dr. N. Kuppusamy and Dr. K. Rajan


Implementation of P-Hit Methodologies for Environment Friendly Power Generation

pp. 561-570

Authors: P.S. Balamurugan and Dr. K. Thanushkodi


Study Approaches to Environmental Monitoring for Ecosystem Health
pp. 571-580
Authors: Uwizeyimana Herman, Li Tianxin and Gu Ke

Implementation of R RARS-STR Algorithm in RARS-STR for Reliable Transmission
pp. 581-590
Authors: G. Vetrichelvi and G. Mohan Kumar

Effect of Straw-Bedded Farrowing Environment on Welfare of Suckling Piglets
pp. 591-599
Authors: Guoan Yin, Guopeng Sun, Xiang Li, Dapeng Huang and Jun Bao

Purification of SiCl4 as the Byproduct of Titanium Tetrachloride Refining
pp. 601-606
Authors: Bangyu Liu,Hua Lin,Jinjin Liao and Yuanjiang Tian

The Ecological Footprint and Mineral “Resource Curse” in China
pp. 607-614
Authors: Yang Zhao

Study of Influencing Factors of Household Waste Reduction Behaviors in Beijing
pp. 615-624
Authors: Li Xiaofei, Jin Chunhua, Ge Xinquan and Wangying

Eco-efficiency of Circular Economy Development of Jiangsu Province, China
pp. 625-634
Authors: Taozhen Huang and Shengbang Song

Hazard Analysis on Coal Dust Explosion Based on Catastrophe Series
pp. 635-646
Authors: Li Fangwei and Jin Longzhe

Separation of Nickel Ions from Aqueous Solution by Micellar Enhanced Ultrafiltration
pp. 647-654
Authors: WU Jun, Sun Lin and Shao Rong





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