International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 7 (2013)




Strength Studies on High Performance Concrete Using Metakaolin and Partial Replacement with Quarry Dust
pp. 777-789

Authors: G.R.Vijay shankar and Dr.D.Suji


Migration of Phenanthrene by Electrokinetics and Sorption in Soils
pp. 781-790
Authors: REN Da-jun, ZHANG Yuan-yuan, XU Qin, ZHANG Shu-qin and FENG Tao


Study of Durability Properties on High Performance Concrete Using Metakaolin and Partial Replacement with Quarry Dust
pp. 791-805
Authors: G. R. Vijay Shankar and Dr. D. Suji


Preparation of Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcasl Seed Using Supercritical Methanol
pp. 807-814
Authors: WU Zhen-fen, SU You-yong, WANG Hua and ZHAO Yi-qun

Role Analysis of Ecotourism in Sustainable Economic Development Based on Jiuzhai Valley
pp. 815-822
Authors: Shi Meiyu, Yi Jin and Lin Feng

Analysis on Dynamic Relationship between Environmental Pollution and Economic Growth Based on the VAR Model
pp. 823-832
Author: Lei Song

Analyzing Uncertainty of Distributed Snowmelt Runoff Model Parameter Using the GLUE Method
pp. 833-839
Authors: Yuejian Wang, Xianyong Meng and Xiaonan Ji

Research on Mechanism of Green Supply Chain Coordination System
pp. 841-849
Authors: Chunjie Yu, Xuejun Sun and Lang Wang

Research on Informationization Level Impact on Low Carbon Development of Coal Industry
Authors: Sun xue-jun, and Huang xiang-chun

Review on Water Resources Carrying Capacity in China
pp. 859-866
Authors: Xiuli Li, Xiaoyu Li and Dedong Liu

Natural Lighting Application of Simulation Technology in the Design and Evaluation of Green Building
pp. 867-875
Author: Xiaoxiong Wang

Improved Survival Rates of Juvenile Fishes using an Artificial Fish Shelter
pp. 877-886
Authors: Chang HyukAhn, Ho Myeon Song, Saeromi Lee, Ju Hyun Oh, Hosang Ahn, Jung Min Lee and Jin Chul Joo

Decomposing Process of H2O Molecules in Plasma Harmful Gas Removal System
pp. 887-896
Authors: Xiaojun Wang, Lianshui Zhang, Weidong Lai and Wei Dang







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