International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 8 (2013)




Sustainable Development Analysis of Historical and Cultural Cities based on Ecological Economic Model
pp. 897-908
Authors: Sun Qiong and Xi Zhiqun

Model of Agro-Food and Beverages SMEs Development based on Environmentally Friendly Strategy for Pasuruan Acceleration of Economic Development as a Regional Agropolitan in Java Economic Corridors
pp. 909-920
Authors: Andre Dwijanto, Erina Rahmadyanti, Sarmini

Combined Toxicity of Industrial Effluents on the Larvae of Dragonfly Bradinophyga Germinate (Rambur) (Anisoptera) Libelludae
pp. 921-925
Authors: A.Parithabhanu and K.J.Khusnuma Begam

Survey on the Selection of Carbon Management Strategy by Chinese Enterprises
pp. 927-939
Authors: Li Li and Yang Yuanhua

Environmental Improvement of Product Supply Chains: Evidence from the Manufacturing Industry in China
pp. 941-952
Authors: Chen Ying

A Comparative Study on Mouse Bioassay and HPLC in the Determination of Tetrodotoxin (TTX)
pp. 953-959
Authors: Wei Gao, Zhenzhong Sun and Qin Jin

Dynamic Modeling of Oil Spill in Ice Waters around Northern Islands for Environment Emergency Responds
pp. 961-970
Authors: Wei Li, Xiao Liang, Yongjie Pang and Jianguo Lin

Modeling Study of Water Renewal Time in Yinfu Reservoir, China
pp. 971-980
Authors: Shaoxiong Zhang and Fulong Chen

The Rural Sewage Treatment Plan Optimization Based on the BP Network Model
pp. 981-990
Authors: Liying and Shidonghe

Hydrogeochemistry and Environmental Isotopes Study on Determining Hydraulic Connection in Nihe Iron Mine, Anhui, China
pp. 991-1005
Authors: Tingting Shi , Xiaowen Jin, Ningtao Wang, Zhihua Chen and Man Xu

A Study of Thermal Pollution on the Formation Caused by ESP Well
pp. 1007-1016
Authors: Yanqiang Wu, Xiaodong Wu, Cao Mengjing, Li Shudong and Yu Yuan,

The Control of CO2 Emissions Based on Hybrid Swarm Intelligence Algorithm in Green Logistics
pp. 1017-1026
Authors: Liu Zhaohui, Xu Zhikun and Wang Yanwen,





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