International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 8  Number 9 (2013)




Difference in Canopy Interception of Coniferous Forest and Broad-Leaf Forest in Reservoir Watershed
pp. 1027-1032
Authors: Zhu Fengyun and Li Hongyan

Evaluation Method on Effectiveness of Sustainable Engineering Construction Project Management
pp. 1033-1043
Authors: LIN Zhang-yin and JIANG Sheng-hui

Empirical Study of the Effect of Fiscal Taxation Policy on the Development of Ecological Economy
pp. 1045-1054
Authors: Guo Xiaohong and Ye Jing

Study on Influence of Ultrasonic Disintegration on Anaerobic Digestion Performance of Urban Sludge
pp. 1055-1062
Authors: CAO Zhourong, YANG Shunsheng , SUN Kaikai and ZHENG Xipeng

Decomposition Model and Empirical Research of Town Residential Building Carbon Emissions Factor Based on LMDI: An Example of Fujian Province
pp. 1063-1072
Authors: Jianbing LIU, Hong REN and Zaoxun RAO

Empirical Analysis of FDI and Environmental Pollution Based on Threshold Effect
pp. 1073-1082
Authors: Tian Shuangquan

Study on the Relationship between Historical and Cultural Blocks Sustainable Development Based on Environmental Capacity
pp. 1083-1094
Authors: Mingchuan Zhang

Analysis of Water Environment of Yangtze River Delta and Its Adjacent Sea Areas Based on Potential Ecological Risk Model: Taking Heavy Metals in Surface Sediment as Example
pp. 1095-1105
Authors: Hongwei Hu and Xiaoyan Li


Research on Architectural Forms Based on Earth Construction under Polluted Environment
pp. 1107-1117
Authors: Wang Lizhong and Tian Qiuyue

On the Data Processing of Mobile Survey Approach in Urban Heat Island Studies
pp. 1119-1127
Authors: Zhihao Wang and Jun Lu

Semi-experimental Approach for Calculating the Temperature of Soil

pp. 1129-1142

Authors: Yuanyuan Ji, Wenhai Xu, Changsheng Wang, Ming zhao, Ying Li, Debin Ma and Qilei Cao and Yukun Sun






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