International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 9  Number 1  (2014)





Research on Chemical Corporate Income Tax Planning Performance Appraisal Based on Improving Matter-element Model
pp. 1-7
Author: GUO Xiao-hong


Research on Real Water Saving by ET Management Technology
pp. 9-17
Authors: Xiuli LI, Dedong Liu and Liangjun Fei


A Solution to Rectangular Space Coordinate Transformation based on Total Least Squares

pp. 19-26

Authors: Juan Yang, Ye-qing Tao and Yi-fei Yao


Research on the Simulation of Urban Expansion based on SLEUTH Model during the Process of Transformation in Fuxin City of China

pp. 27-37
Authors: Wu Chunhua, Hu Yuanman, Huang Peiquan and Liu Miao


Modeling Algorithm of Charging Station Planning for Electric Vehicle Based on Site Environmental Factors
pp. 39-48
Authors: WANG Jing-min and DONG Sha


Mechanical Analysis on Bonding Strength between Steel and Concrete under Cyclic Loadings
pp. 49-58
Author: Qin Liping


Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies on the Removal of Reactive Blue 28 from Aqueous Solution by using Eggshell Powder

pp. 59-72

Authors: S. Velmurugan, A. Babuponnusami and B. S. M. Kumar


Suitability Evaluation of Landscape of Residence Sales Center Based on AHP: A Case Study 5 Residence Buildings in Luoyang
pp. 73-83
Authors: Dongsheng Li and Yafei Yan


Immunomodulatory Activity of Polysaccharides from Sarcodon imbricatus
pp. 85-92
Authors: Silu Wang, Kaiyu Wang, Defang Chend and Ling Zhaob


Analysis of Air Gap in Flat Plate Solar Collector

pp. 93-107

Authors: Dr. M. Sekar, Prof. S. Satheesh Kumar and Prof. C. Ramesh


Experimental Verification of Constant Volume Heating Process for Pressure Increment and a Proposal for Novel Application

pp. 109-124

Authors: P Sivamurugan, Dr. P Ravikumar and Dr. C Natarajan


3D Cloud Structure Based Weather Prediction on Satellite Images

pp. 125-134

Authors: N. R. Raajan and M. Malini Deepika







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