International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 9  Number 2  (2014)





Comparisons of E-waste Recycling System and Mechanism: Experiences from Europe
pp. 139-151
Author: Xi-gang Wang

Monitoring the Geomorphological Chacteristics of the Lower Zarqa River Changes in Jordan, during the Time Peroid from 1963 to 2011
pp. 153-164
Author: Yusrah Alhusban

Microstructure and Mechanical Behaviour of Friction Stir Welded Brass
pp. 165-172
Authors: N. Srirangarajalu, G. Madhusudhan Reddy, S.R. Koteswara Rao and A. Rajadurai

Green Industry Collaborative Model of Textile and Textile Products (TPT) Cluster in East Java Province for National Export Enhancement
pp. 173-183
Authors: Ketut Prasetyo, Erina Rahmadyanti, Suyatno and Dwiarko Nugrohoseno


The Construction of Low Carbon TFP Index and Its Convergence Analysis under the Environment of Financial Agglomeration

pp. 185-198

Author: Lin Liang


Developing Tenure-Optimal Algorithm for Broad Coverage and Fault Tolerant Connectivity in WSN

pp. 199-212

Authors: R.U.Anitha, Dr.G.M.Kadhar Nawaz and Dr.P.Kamalakkannan


Experimental Investigation on Aluminium Gravity Die Casting

pp. 213-222

Authors: Vyshakh M, R Krishna Raj, Sayooj A P and Afzal M


Optimising Rejection Rate of Laser Diamond Sawing Using Taguchi Method

pp. 223-228

Authors: Arun.V.S, R Krishna Raj, Rohit M N and Vishnu Mohan


Cycle Time Optimization of Rubber Floor Mat Die

pp. 229-237

Authors: Deepu.M, R Krishna Raj, Karthik.D and Binoj.N.M


Nonlinear Model Based Control for Neutralization Process

pp. 239-244

Authors: G.Balasubramanian, N.Sivakumaran and T.K.Radhakrishnan


Analysis on Contaminant Spreading in Highly Heterogeneous Porous Media

pp. 245-255

Author: Jinrui Shang


Lag Responses of Vegetation to Precipitation and Temperature in Undisturbed Desert Steppe of Inner Mongolia

pp. 257-270

Author: Hongrui Ren


Energy Strategies based on the Relationship between Economic Growth and Energy Consumption in China
pp. 271-284

Authors: Herui Cui and LijunYou


Enhancement of Biological Wastewater Treatment of Fermented Rice Noodle Industry using Bacillus subtilis KJP8
pp. 285-294
Authors: Chitsanuphong Pratum, Nipon Tangkananuruk, Kanita Tangkananuruk and Sanya Sirivithayapakorn,


Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Future Predictions of Landscape Pattern Drived by Agriculture Developments in Jiansanjiang Farm, Northeast China

pp. 295-311

Authors: Wu Dan, Hou Wei, Zhang Shuwen, Bu Kun, Xiang Bao, Wang Yi, Li Yue


Integrated Assessment of the Aquatic Ecosystem Function of Qing River Basin Based on Quantitative Analysis
pp. 313-322
Authors: Dan Wu, Juduo Gui, Shijie Liu, Wei Hou, Chein-Chi Chang, Qiang Liu

Effect of Semi Thermal Barrier Coatings on Piston Crown in Internal Combustion Engine Using Ethanol Diesel Blend
pp. 323-332
Authors: V. Gnanamoorthi and G. Devaradjane

Study on Influencing Factors of China’s Industrial Pollution Using LMDI Decomposition
pp. 333-344
Authors: Kun Dong and You-Liang Wang


Physical and Chemical Properties of an Activated Sludge from the Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant from a Pulp and Paper Mill Complex for Assessing its Potential Utilization Aspects

pp. 345-357
Authors: Risto Pöykiö, Olli Dahl, Gary Watkins, Mikko Mäkelä and Hannu Nurmesniemi


Tuning of a PI Controller for an Non – Linear Process
pp. 359-373
Author: Dr. K. S. Saji

Design and Fabrication of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites for Conservation of Natural Resources
pp. 375-384
Authors: D. Chandramohan and J. Bharanichandar

Calculation of Dominant Discharge of Environmental Variation in the Lower Yellow River, China
pp. 385-394
Authors: Pengtao WANG, Xiaolei ZHANG and Dongpo SUN


A Multi-objective Optimization Model for Risk Control of International Construction Project
pp. 395-408
Authors: Chao Yang and Fa-Jie Wei

Analysis of Unconventional Emergency Based on Swallowtail Catastrophe Theory
pp. 409-421
Author: Yuan Xiaofang

Fertilization Effect on Fraction and Distribution of Soil Phosphorus in Vegetable Greenhouse in Northeast China
pp. 423-434
Authors: Zhao Yajiea, Chen Xina, Shi Yia and Lu Caiyana

The Interaction between Economic Growth and Insurance-Based on Province Data in China Using Panel Analysis
pp. 435-447

Authors: He Jundong, Zhang Xinmin, Sun Xiaoman


Effects of Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids on the Growth and Physiological Characteristics of Wheat Seedlings
pp. 449-464
Authors: Zhonglin Chen, Chun Chang, Yingying Feng, Jialu Wang, Lihong Zhang, Huijin Zhang, Wei Guan

Assessment of the Residential Radon Levels and Population Mortality in Some Egyptian Dwellings
pp. 465-472
Author: Rafat M. Amin

Preconcentration by Solvent Extraction and Determination by Atomic Absorption of Some Trace Metals in Water Samples using 2-picolinadehyde-4-phenyl-3- thiosemicarbazone as a Complexing Reagent
pp. 473-477
Authors: A.M.Rind, G.M.Mastoi1, A.A.Hullio, K.F.Almani, S.Chandio, M.A.Bhatti and F.Samoon

Research on Low Carbon Economy in Shaanxi Province of China

pp. 479-485

Author: Bingjie Li


A Pilot Study of Cryogenic Coring and Cryo Bio Remediation

pp. 487-492

Authors: M. Chandran and Dr. P. Senthil Kumar


The Mechanism of High Effective Degradation Fungi during Soil Bioremediation Contaminated by PAHs

pp. 493-507

Authors: HOU Wei, Yin Bing, MA Xi-ping, LI Xiao-jun, LI Zhi, XU Cheng-bin


Influence of Aspect Ratio on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Containing Industrial Wastes and Fibres
pp. 509-517
Authors: Sakthieswaran N and Ganesan K


Application of DEA and Factor Analysis in Performance Evaluation of Power Enterprise in China
PP 519-532
Summer Maize Water Use Efficiency in Middle Scale
Coupled CO2Sequestration and EOR in Ultra-low Permeability Oil Reservoir: Case Study
PP. 541-553






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