International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 9  Number 3  (2014)




Enhancing Aerodynamic Performance of a Blade Tip in Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
PP. 555-563
Authors: Shyam M, R Krishna Raj, Rajesh M C, Vysakh M, Anand R

Evaluation of Cultivated Land Pressure in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area from 1986 to 2008
PP. 565-574
Authors: HongruiRen and Guorui Feng

Enhanced Implementation of S – Genetic Key Algorithm for Efficient Encryption
PP. 575-582
Authors: S. G. Saravana Kumar and Dr. A. Shanmugam

Research on Building Energy Consumption in Baoding on Carbon Emissions
PP. 583-590
Authors: Lei Wen and Yachao Shi

The Effect of Spent Crankcase Oil on Early Seedling Growth and Protein Oxidation on Telfairia Occidentalis
PP. 591-599
Authors: Blessing M. Onyegeme-Okerenta and Sunday Chukwuemeka Alozie

Effect of Precipitation Distribution on Temporal Variation of Aboveground Net Primary Productivity in Grasslands
PP. 601-606
Authors: Peng Cheng and Hongrui Ren

Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Analysis of Soil Erosion in Songhua River Watershed Using RS and GIS -A Case Study of Bin County, Heilongjiang Province
PP. 607-614
Authors: Zhang Yujuan1, Liu Dandan

The Study and Implementation of Ice Forecasting Model in Ningxia-Inner MongoliaReach of the Yellow River
PP. 615-624
Authors: Han Yuping, Lin Dong, Wang Fuqiang, Huang Huipinga

Assessment study of Noise Pollution in Irbid city in Jordan
PP. 625-636
Authors: Sana’a Odat

PP. 637-643
Authors: A.Ramanan, P.Senthilkumar, G.B.Bhaskar

Information Security and Risk Management for Health Care System
PP. 645-650
Authors: B.Chaitanya Krishna, Dr.Kodukula Subrahmanyam, V.Sindhoora, Ch.Sai Venkatesh, M.Vamsi purna and G.Syamsundar 

Evaluation on Summer Maize Water Use Efficiency in the Haihe River
PP. 651-657
Authors: Wang Jing, Liu Fuhai, Yang Jinzhong

Implementing Design for Environment Principles in Early Stage of Product Design to Reduce the Environmental Impacts of a Product
PP. 659-667
Authors: C.K.Jagannathan, Dr.D.Senthilkumaran, D.Rajanayagam

The Comprehensive Evaluation of Cleaner Production of Thermal Power Plants based on RS – SVM
PP. 669-682
Authors: Wei SUN1 and Qing Ren

Assessment of Air Quality in the City of Chennai
PP. 683-692
Authors: R. Ravinder1 and R. Kesavan

Design Improvement of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger using CFD
PP. 693-702
Authors: Pappu. R, Krishnaraj, Akhil. R. P and Akhil. S. Kumar

Assessment of China’s Sustainable Energy Supply: Based on the Method AHP-FCE
PP. 703-713
Authors: Xiaoqin WANG, Jing YU, Long ZHANG

Application of Support Vector Regression for Groundwater Level Forecasting in Western Jilin Province
PP. 715-724
Authors: Wenxi Lu, Haibo Chu, Zeyu Hou and Changlong Jiang

Power Load Relevance Analysis Based on Slope Matching Algorithm
PP. 725-739
Authors: Hongwei Jia, Fei Kong, Weihao Kong and Fang Zhao

Research of the Surface Runoff Forecast on Medium-Small River Basin based on Multi-Variate Time Series CAR (Controlled Auto Regressive) Model
PP. 741-749
Authors: Junqiang Yao, Yang Liu, Yuejian Wang, Zhihui Liu

Research on Utility Model to the Consumer Behaviour
PP. 751-758
Authors: Yujing Chu and Yujie Bai

C4ISR Domain Application of Meta-Model
PP. 759-765
Authors: DING Xiao-Jian

A Decision-Making Model and Algorithm of Capacity Benefit Margin of the Interconnected System with Wind Power Based on Option Theory
PP. 767-777
Authors: WANG Jing-min and DONG Sha

Correlation Analysis Research of Urban Dust and Accumulation Factors
PP. 779-788
Authors: Xiaomei Hu, Junjun Hu, Beibei Fan, Ning Zeng

Method for Estimating Coalbed Methane Resources in Stabilization Region after Mining
PP. 789-801
Authors: LI Ri-fu
SI HuWEN Guang-cai

Control Tracking Model of the Graduate Quality based on Neural Network Theory
PP. 803-813
Authors: Chen Guofen and Ma Weicong

Design and Optimization of Material Selection through the Enterprise Resource Planning and Product Lifecycle Management Integration
PP. 815-822

Studies on GTA Welding of Borated Stainless Steel (304B)
PP. 823-829
Authors: G.Raja Kumar, M.Manoj, G.D.Janakiram and S.R.Koteswara Rao

Laminated Composites as the Material for the Replacement of Conventional Leaf Springs used in Light Commercial Vehicle
PP. 831-836
Authors: S. Rajesh, G. B. Bhaskar and S. Nakkeeran

Corrosion Behavior of AFNOR 7020-T6 Aluminum Alloy Friction Stir Welds Under Salt Fog Environment
PP. 837-845
Authors: G. Srinivasa Rao, V.V. Subba Rao, T. Srinivasa Rao, P. Kumara Swamy, R. karthikeyan and S.R. Koteswara Rao

Modeling and Analysis of Composite Leaf Springs
PP. 847-852
Authors: S. Rajesh, G. B. Bhaskar, M. Achudhan

Structural and Dynamic Analysis of Composite Stator Vanes in Compressor
PP. 853-863
Authors: Saravanan. G, Arunraja. K. K, s. Thirumavalavan, G. B. Bhaskar, Vijayaraghavan. G. K

Mechanical Properties of Montmorillonite Nanoclay Reinforced High Density Polyethylene Composites
PP. 865-870
Authors: N. Venkatesan, R. Sabarish, K.Poyyathappan, G.B. Bhaskar

Erosion Corrosion Behaviour of Duplex Stainless Steel Welds Using Slurry Jet Machine
PP. 871-878
Authors: R.Sasidharan, S.Rajendra Boopathy, K.Periyaswamy, S.R. Koteswara Rao and M.Achudham

Impact Analysis on Stainless Steel Wires Embedded GFRP Composites
PP. 879-886
Authors: K. Pazhanivela, R.Sabarish, K.Poyyathappan, G.B.Bhaskar

Assessment of Vital Mechanical Properties on Glass-Carbon Hybrid Composites Subjected to Low Frequency Point Loading
PP. 887-893
Authors: K.Poyyathappan, S.Manavalan, G.B.Bhaskar, K.Pazhanivel and N.Venkatesan

Rock Slope Displacement Prediction based on BP Neural Network
PP. 895-902
Authors: Zhaocai Zhang  Xiaoting Wang and Chao Peng

Experimental Studies on the Performance Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) - Diesel Blends as Fuel for Diesel Engines
PP. 903-914
Authors:  Sangeetha Krishnamoorty, K.Rajan, K.R.Senthil Kumar and Prabhahar.M

Economic Consideration on Pollutant Discharge Charging System for Water Resources Protection
PP. 915-924
Authors: WANG Ya-hua

Estimating Soil Moisture Content through Kriging Method and Sequencial Gaussial Simulation Algorithm
pp. 925-931
Authors: Guowen Lin, Jianqin Wang, Wanlin Gao, Lihua Zheng and Yifei Chen

Representation of Agricultural Management Practices for Soil and Water Conservation in A Fully Distributed Hydrologic Model
pp. 933-941
Authors: Hui Wu, Yongbo Liu, A-Xing Zhu, Junzhi Liu and Lin Yang

The Community Organization-Based Market Driven: An Approach for Effective Local Participation on Biodiversity Conservation
pp. 943-948
Authors: Weijie Deng

Natural Ecological Compensation Evaluation for Land-use Planning: Learn from the Land Consolidation
pp. 949-955
Authors: Qiwu Yu, Qun Zeng and Guangming Yu

Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Materials: An Review on Natural Resources
pp. 957-968
Authors: Chandramohan, D., R.Vijayan, P.Karthikeyan and B. Murali

Relay Enabled Energy Aware Cooperative Medium Access Control Protocol for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
pp. 969-984
Authors: C. Ellammal and G. Sudha Sadasivam

Content, Potential Ecological Risk and its Atmospheric Pollution Effect of Heavy Metal in Surface Dust for Shenyang City
pp. 985-997
Authors: HOU Wei, XIAO Mingming, LI Yue, WANG Jian, ZHANG Chaoxing, WANG Jie and LU Yichen

Investigating the Recycle of Waste Water from Wet Scrubber System
Authors: DR. R. Krishnaraj and V. S. Kaushik

Estimation of Amount of Alloying Elements in Steel Making Process Using Subtractive Clustering Technique
pp. 1009-1016
Authors: M. Pravin Kumar and S. Vijayachitrab

Research on the Construction of Chinese Internet Bank Risk Indexes Based on Fuzzy Mathematics Method
pp. 1017-1026
Authors: Li xiusheng and Qiu Wanhua

Real Time Implementation of RGB Colour Sensor based on the Jaundice Detection system
Authors: Roopa Jayasingh. J., Dr. K. Sankaranarayanan and Dr. Vijaya Kumari Dean


Estimation and Prediction of Global Solar Radiation over Chennai Location in Tamilnadu, India
pp. 1041-1056
Authors: S. Ravichandran, Dr. J. David Rathnaraj and Dr. J. Chandrasekaran

Research on Evaluation of Ecological Economy Based on Eco -efficiency Ratio in Jiangsu Province
pp. 1057-1066
Authors: Qiu Dongfang
Hu Zhengping and Qiu Ming

Experimental Investigation of Material Removal Rate and Tool Wear in Hard Turning of AISI M2 Steel using CBN Inserts
pp. 1067-1091
Authors: P. Jaganathan, R. Sivasubramanian and V. Krishnaraj

Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Fuelled with Polymer Oil-Methanol Blends
pp. 1093-1102
Authors: P. Ganapathi and Y. Robinson

Transpiration Prediction Model of Greenhouse Tomato based on Neural Networks
pp. 1103-1112
Authors: GE Jiankun, LI Bing and LUO Jinyao

The Effect of Transport Accessibility on Land Use Change and its Environmental Effect in Karst Area of China
pp. 1113-1122
Authors: Yan Liu, Xianjin Huang, Taiyang Zhong and Mingnan Yang

Industrial Structure and Income Level in West China
pp. 1123-1132
Authors: LIU Yulin and YU Zunbao

Research on the Determination of Ecological Compensation Standard under the New Perspective
pp. 1133-1141
Authors: Lixin Dai, Xiuyue Wang and Mengmeng Liu

Research on the Characteristic of Chromic Polluted Soil and Microbial Activities in Chromic Waste Area Coverage
pp. 1143-1150
Authors: Xu Chengbin, Dong Tian,Ma Xiping, WangWenye, Shen Yubing, Li Wanlong and Li Xianzhu

Screening and Characteristics of Berberine Hydrochloride - Degrading Bacterium
pp. 1151-1163
Authors: XU Cheng-bin, WANG Wen-ye, MA Xi-ping, DONG Tian, LI Xian-zhu and MA Fang





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