International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 9  Number 4  (2014)




A Preliminary Study of Soil Data Development Using Geographical Information System for Guduvanchery Area, Chennai
Authors: P. Dayakar and R. Saraswathy

GIS Based Integrated Watershed Management for Adayar Basin
pp. 1173-1178
Authors: S.D.Anitha Selvasofia, Dr.G.Prince Arulraj, R. Saraswathy and B. Saritha

Mobile Mapping System for Updation of Existing Topo Map and Creation of Value Addition
pp. 1179-1184
S. D. Anitha Selvasofia, Dr. G. Prince Arulraj, Saraswathy. R and J. Chamundeeswari

Behaviour of Axially Loaded R. C Short Column Reinforced with Non-Metallic Reinforcement
pp. 1185-1190

Application of Neat Cashew Nut Shell Oil in Compression Ignition Engine
pp. 1191-1197
Authors: M. Kannan, R. Baskaran, A. Santhoshkumar, P. Lawrence and G. Arunkumar

Replacement of Beach Sand to River Sand in Cement Concrete
pp. 1199-1208
Authors: S. Premkumar and A. Ambika

Engineering Performance of Lime Stabilized Soil Admixed with Natural Materials
pp. 1209-1217
Authors: Jijo James, S. Vidhya Lakshmi, P. Kasinatha Pandian and S. Vanitha

The Study of Submarine Oil Pipeline Spill Volume Prediction Based on OLGA
pp. 1219-1236
Authors: Changjun Li, Gang Liu, Jing Wang, Kexi Liao, Dongliang Qian, Lei Chen, Shuai Ren, Shikui Yan and Dong Wang

Sensitivity and Stochastic Analysis of SPR_SODE Model for the Spread of Dengue
pp. 1237-1250
Authors: Mr. S. Dheva Rajan, Dr. A. Iyem perumal, Dr. S. P. Rajagopalan and Mrs. D. Kalpana

Applications of the Minimal Cumulative Resistance Model in Suitability Assessment of Regional Urban Construction Land: Illustrated by the Case of Shen-Ben Integration
pp. 1251-1258
Authors: LIU Jianxin, ZHU Jinghai and HU Kemei


Applicability Analysis of Three Simplified Reference Evapotranspiration Equations at Different Time Scales in Qinghai Province, China
pp. 1259-1274
Hu, Xing-bo; He, Kang-ning; Lu, Xin-jian and Lian, Li-ye

Effect of Knowledge toward the Behaviour of Gold Miners Environmentally Sound: A Case Study in Bombana Regency
pp. 1275-1289
Authors: Muhammad Ichsan Ali, Gufran Darma Dirawan, Husain Syam and Mulyadi

Application of Artificial Neural Network Models to Predict the Ozone Concentration at the East of Thailand
pp. 1291-1296
Authors: J. Mekparyup and K. Saithanu

Kinetic Study on Ammonia-N Removal using Soil Mixed Culture
pp. 1297-1304
Suryati Mohd. Mokhtar and Norazwina Zainol

Multiple Linear Regression Model to Estimate Ozone Concentration in Chonburi, Thailand
pp. 1305-1308
Authors: Keson Jaioun, Kidakan Saithanu and Jatupat Mekparyup

Evolutionary Investigatory of River Channel Morphology over Last 20 Years in Ningxia-Inner Mongolia Reaches of the Yellow River
pp. 1309-1323
Authors: Zhihui Guo, Jianxia Chang, Qiang Huang and Haixia Wu

A Study on Two-Oriented Society Construction and Sustainable Development of Urban and Rural Ecological Civilization
pp. 1325-1336
Authors: Ming-shan Zhang , Li Dan and Yao Xun

Global Metabolite Analysis of Halotolerant Yeast Candida versatilis
pp. 1337-1350

The Integrated Optimal Allocation Analysis for Urban Wastewater Utilization with Multi-Objective Model
pp. 1351-1356
Authors: JING Ping

Research on Nutrient Pollution and the Impact Factors in Jiaojiang Estuary in the Last 30 Years
pp. 1357-1364
Authors: C.Y. Wang, B. Zhou and B. Huang


Approach to Enhance the Rare Earth Trade Bargain Capability of China for Natural Resource and Environment Protection
pp. 1365-1372
Authors: Zaiqiang Huo

Hydrochemical and StableIsotopic Characteristics of Meteoric, Surface and Ground Waters in Beijing, China, and their Hydrological Processes Implications of Groundwater
pp. 1373-1379
Authors: Yan Lei, YuanzhengZhai, Jinsheng Wang and YanguoTeng

Inflammatory Effect of Automobile Exhaust Particulates with Different Sizes on A549 Cells
pp. 1381-1390
Authors: Wen Xu, Junkang Jian, Deqing Mei, Qian Peng and Bing Dai

Isolation and Identification of a Phenol-Degrading Yeast JP- 1 with High Activity and Its Degrading Characteristics and Kinetic
pp. 1391-1399
Authors: Zhirui Song, Yali Tong, Siying Liu, Fei Pan and Qing-Fu Zeng

Research on the Management of Chinese Rural Water Environment based on Farmers’ Involvement
pp. 1401-1412
Authors: Jianting Lin, Changxin Xu and GuiliangTian

Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) Induced Oxidative Stress in Hepatoma HepG2 Cells
pp. 1413-1424
Authors: Yunjiang Yu, Mingdeng Xiang, Qin Li, Wenjun Ding, Chong Wan, Qiong Wang and Liangzhong Li

Characteristics of Main Air Pollution in Shijiazhuang and Prevention Countermeasure of City Shijiazhuang
pp. 1425-1428
Authors: PANG Menglin and WANG Shigong

Metal Geochemical Characteristics and Pollution Status in Surface Sediments of Daya Bay, South China Sea
pp. 1429-1437
Authors: Linglong Cao, Liang Wang, Quansheng Lou, Ping Shi and Haitao Tian

Multivariate Analysis of Water Factors in Subtropical Reservoirs
pp. 1439-1448
Authors: Qi Wang, MaoShui Fan, Hengguo Yu, Jun Li, Qiang Ke, Chuanhua Wang and Min Zhao

Estimation of Velocity of Dust Emission by Wind Erosion on Different Natural Vegetation: A Case Study in the Southern Gurbantonggut Desert, Northwest China
pp. 1449-1458
Authors: Q.M. Sun, T. Liu, Z.Q. Han, H.F. Liu and L. Feng

Occurrence and Contamination of Heavy Metals in Surface Sediments from Dongzhai Harbor (Hainan Island)
pp. 1459-1466
Authors: Linglong Cao, Jianhua Wang, Ping Shi, Haitao Tian and Liang Wang

Design of the Land Cover Data Transformation from RCPs to IGBP
pp. 1467-1474
Authors: Xiu Yingchang, Liu Wenbao and Li Haixia

Effect of High Gradient Magnetic Separation (HGMS) Process on Ballast Water Treatment
pp. 1475-1484
Authors: Zhijun Ren, Lin Zhang, Yue Shi, Xiaodong Leng and Jingchao Shao

A Study on Ecological Purchasing Behavior of Organic Agricultural Product
pp. 1485-1492
Authors: Hao-Chen Huang and Mei-Chi Lai

Adaptive Dynamic Water Flow Simulation Driving by River Velocity Field
pp. 1493-1508
Authors: RUI Xiao-ping,SONG Xian-feng, JU Yi-wen, LU Jin and Ding Zhen

Effects of Drought Stress on Plant Growth and Photosynthetic Characters of Maize
pp. 1509-1517

Analysis on the Molecules Characteristics of Woody Extractives from Pinus massoniana Biomass Resource
pp. 1519-1523
Authors: Zhong-feng Zhang, Kai Huang, Yong-jun Ye and Ohkoshi Makoto

An Efficient Adaptive Location and Detection based Mobile Ad-hoc Networks with Cross Layer Security (AELDCS)
pp. 1525-1542
Authors: Rajaram.M and Dr.V.Sumathy

Thermal Environment and Indoor Air Quality of a School Building in a Warm and Humid Climate at Indian Context: A Case Study
pp. 1543-1548
Authors: D. Sandanasamy, S. Govindarajane and T. Sundararajan

An Efficient Distributed Computing Technique for Job Scheduling
pp. 1549-1560
Authors: B.Booba and Dr.T.V.Gopal

A Statistical Analysis of EDM Parameters for Al-TiC Metal Matrix Composites Using Response Surface Methodology
pp. 1561-1572
Authors: Kannan S and Ramanathan K

Classification of Stock Index Movement Using Modified k- Nearest Neighbors (MKNN) Algorithm
pp. 1573-1584
Authors: S. Kopperundevi, Dr.A. Iyemperumal and Dr.S.P.Rajagopalan

Risk Evaluation of Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects Based on Entropy and Improved TOPSIS
pp. 1585-1593
Authors: WANG Jing-min and LI Ya-kun


Identification of Significant Attribute set from Multivariate Rainfall Data using Principle Component Analysis
pp. 1595-1601
Authors: Prof.M.Sudha and Dr.B.Valarmathi

Study of Urban Economic and Environmental System Coordinated Development Measure -- Take Nantong City as the Example
pp. 1603-1613
Authors: Chen Ming and Xu Changxin

Study of Safety, Health & Environmental Management System (SHEMS) Elements for Micro, Medium & Small Scale Industries: An Overview of Implementing Feasibility
pp. 1615-1629
Authors: N.Krishnakumar and Dr.M.Arularasu

Study on International Hotel Outsourcing Decision-making Based on ANP Model
pp. 1631-1643
Authors: Jing SUN and Chao MA

Focus on Cultural Creative Tourism Based on SWOT Analysis: a Case of Heilongjiang Province, China
pp. 1645-1652
Author: Zi Tang

Study of Optimized Neural Network Ice Forecasting Model Based on Co-Evolutionary Genetic Algorithms
pp. 1653-1661
Authors: Han Yuping, Lin Dong, Huang Huiping and Wang Fuqiang

Factors Analysis on Biomethanation of Poultry Manure Wastewater
pp. 1663-1672
Authors: Nina Farhana Mohd Jamaludin and Norazwina Zainol


Effectiveness of the Current Landfill Operation in Malaysia: Site Investigation on Risk of Groundwater Contamination at Open Dump Site and Sanitary Landfills
pp. 1673-1687
Authors: F.E Mohamed Ghazali, S. Syafalni and S. Mohamad Noor

Emission Control in IC Engine Using Al2O3 and TiO2
pp. 1689-1702
Authors: A. Arulmurugu and B.M. Karthick

Improvising Linguistic Skills through Computer Assisted Language Learning
pp. 1703-1708
Authors: C. Chamundeshwari and Dr. R. Ganesan

Design of Multi Criteria Decision Making Methodology for Selection of 3PRLP
pp. 1709-1726
Dr. K. Arun Vasantha Geethan, Dr. S. Jose, S. Yaknesh and A. K. Arunraja 

Nanoadditives: Enhancement of Combustion and Performance Characteristics of a CI Diesel Engine
pp. 1727-1741
Authors: Shaafi Tajudeen and R. Velraj

Comparative Study of Various Emission Measures of Kapok Biodiesel and Its Blends with Diesel
pp. 1743-1748
Authors: T. Senthil Kumar and P. Senthil Kumar

Noise Reduction using Fly Ash Bricks as an Enclosure
pp. 1749-1757
Authors: Dasarathy, A. K. and T. S. Thandavamoorthy, FIE

Determination of Stress Intensity Factors and Fatigue Characteristics for Aluminium, Aluminium-Alumina Composite Material and Aluminium-Alumina FGM Specimens with Edge Crack by Simulation
pp. 1759-1768
Authors: Shanmugavel P., Bhaskar G.B., Chandrasekaran M., Srinivasan S.P.

Economic and Environmental Modeling of a Micro Gas Turbine and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Hybrid Combined Heat and Power System
pp. 1769-1781
M.Y. Abdollahzadeh Jamalabadi, Jae Hyun Park and Chang Yeop Lee

Photocatalytic Degradation of Alizarin Green in an Acoustic Fluidized Bed Reactor
pp. 1783-1791
Authors: Chong-dian Si, Jing Zhoub, and Guang-jun Liua


Seasonal Heavy Metal Distribution in Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu
pp. 1793-1799
Authors: Siji Thomas and J.Abbas Mohaideen

The Analysis on Environmental Information Disclosure and its Impacts on the Financial Performance: Based on Five Major Power Generation Groups in China
pp. 1801-1809
Authors: Yuan Xiu’e, Yan Lijun and Zhang Zhenzhen

Enhancement of Rainwater Quality Using Limestone, Zeolite & Activated Carbon Filter for Potable Water
pp. 1811-1826
Authors: S. Syafalni, Meilani, Oki Setyandito and Foong Han Yang

Research of Similarity Model Test on Open Pit to Underground Mining with Super High-steep Slope
pp. 1827-1835
Authors: ZHANG Ding-bang, ZHOU Chuan-bo, LIU Yang-bo, CHENG Tao and YUAN Jian-yi

Determination of Perchlorate in Water from Shanghai, P. R. C. by Ion Chromatography
pp. 1837-1840
Authors: DeFeng Liao · Zhenzhong Sun · JunYuan Qi ·Xia Guo

Preparation of Village Wise Land Use/Land Cover Information of Pakala Watershed using Remote Sensing and GIS
pp. 1841-1848
Authors: M. Satish Kumar, SS. Asadi and S. S. VUTUKURU

Cross-Layer Optimization for Multichannel Multiradio Wireless Network with Network Coding
pp. 1849-1860
Authors: Geunseok Choi and Wonsik Yoon

Accessibility Assessment of Urban Green Space Based on High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images in Shenyang City, China
pp. 1861-1866
Authors: Zhen-bang Sun and Ting Wang

Analysis on Carbon Emission Factors Decomposition and Optimal Low-carbon Development Prospect in Hebei Province
pp. 1867-1878
Authors: WANG Jing-min and GUAN Xiao-yan

Bioethics in Multiethnic Society: A Case of Malaysia
pp. 1879-1884
Authors: Ravichandran Moorthy and Sity Daud

Modeling of Air Quality Index in the Eastern Urban Areas of Thailand using Neural Network Method
pp. 1885-1891
Authors: K. Saithanu and J. Mekparyup


Investigation on the Effect of Thermo Physical Properties on Heat and Mass Transfer – Review
pp. 1893-1900
Authors: M.Dakshinamoorthy, M.B.K.Moorthy, M.Sakthivel, R.Krishnaraj and N.Rajkumar

A Review: Reducing Emission for In-Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine
pp. 1903-1921
Authors: S.Rajendran and Dr K.Purushothaman


Resistance of Steel and Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete to Harsh Environment
pp. 1923-1934
Authors: M. Tamil Selvi and Dr. T. S. Thandavamoorthy, FIE, FIITArb

Performance and Emission Studies on Ethanol as Substitute Fuel in a DI Compression Ignition Engine
pp. 1935-1945
Authors: M. Ganesan and N. V. Mahalakshmi

Water Use Linkage among Industrial Sectors and Virtual Water Transport and Transformation in Beijing City
pp. 1947-1958
Authors: Yuping Han, Hongyan Liu and Yong Zhao

Application of Ground Tire Particle (GTP)-Silica (Si) in Partial Natural Rubber Compounds for Solving Environmental Problems
pp. 1959-1968
Authors: V. Chandran, T. Manvel Raj, T. Lakshmanan and M. Senthil Kumar

Performance and Emission Characteristics of a CI Engine Fuelled with Neem Oil Methyl Ester
pp. 1959-1968
Authors: L.Prabhu, S. Satish Kumar, M Prabhahar and K Rajan

Studies on the Effect of Engine Performance, Combustion and Emissions of CI Engine Fuelled with Raw Kapok Oil and its Blend
pp. 1969-1979
Authors: V. Charles Augustin and N. V. Mahalakshmi

Performance Assessment of Clean Fracturing Fluids and Gel Breaker for Application in Coal Bed Methane Well
pp. 1980 -1990
Authors: Ma Chao, Bai Bo and R. D. Nagre


Biological Phosphorus Removal: Principles and Performance
pp. 1991-1998
Authors: Nawel. NEDJAH and Oualid. HAMDAOUI, Nabila. LASKRI

Identification of Dynamic Properties of RTD (Pt100) using Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization (APSO) 
pp. 1999-2011
Authors: D. Jeraldin Auxillia

Experimental Study on Municipal Sewage and Restaurant Wastewater Treated by Fiber Ceramsite
pp. 2013-2021
Authors: LIN Man-li, GUI He-rong, PENG Wei-hua and ZHANG Zhi-guo

Treatment of Waste Water Sludge in Adrar Lagoon Station and Biogas Production
pp. 2023-2032
Authors: Nabila Laskri, OualidHamdaoui, NawelNedjah

The Effects of Elements Mass Balance from Turf Grass Irrigated with Laundry and Bathtub Greywater
pp. 2033-2049
Authors: Amir Hashim Mohd. Kassim, Martin Anda, Stewart Dallas and Radin Maya Saphira Radin Mohamed

Groundwater Treatment Using Activated Carbon and Modified Kaolin Clay
pp. 2051-2061
Authors: Syafalni S., Rohana Abdullah and Siti Nor Farhana Zakaria

The Adjusted Tukey’s Control Chart with MADM
pp. 2063-2075
Authors: J. Mekparyup, S. Kornpetpanee and K. Saithanu 


Sub-Micron Particle Agglomeration with Saw-Tooth Wire Electrode under Non-Thermal Plasma Discharge
pp. 2077-2095
Authors: AttakornAsanakham, Vishnu Thonglek and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat

Antibiotic Efficacy of Silver Nanoparticles from Marine Streptomyces Isolated from Coast of Chennai
pp. 2097-2108
Authors: Zarina and Anima Nanda

Large-Scale Public Building: Prediction of Electric Energy Consumption by using Nonlinear Based Multilayer Feedforward Neural Networks
pp. 2109-2118
Authors: XiaotingWang, Changhe Yang, Hao Li and Qiquan Chen

A Study on Interconnection of Landfill Leachate Impacted Water Bodies Using Stable Isotopes of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon
pp. 2119-2130
Authors: Roslanzairi MOSTAPA, S. Syafalni, Mohd–Tadza ABDUL–RAHMAN and Ismail ABUSTAN

Effect of Elevated Temperature and Water Quenching on the Properties of Corroded and Uncorroded Reinforcing Bars
pp. 2131-2139
Authors: B. Jeyaprabha, G. Elangovan and P. Prakash

Molecular Diversity of Soil Ciliates in Borneo Tropical Secondary Forests
pp. 2141-2160
Authors: Lee Ting Ting, Wong Sing King, Lau Wei Hong and Siti Ramlah Ahmad Ali

Integrated Pollutant Fingerprinting of Shallow Groundwater using Resistivity Imaging Profiling and Hydrochemical Methods at the Beriah Landfill Site, Malaysia
pp. 2161-2173
Authors: Mohd Hafiz Zawawi, S Syafalni, Ismail Abustan, Mohd Tadza Abdul Rahman, Mohd Muzamel Mohd Hashim and Rozi Abdullah

Research Review on Natural Fibers in the Field of Composites
pp. 2175-2190
Authors: R.Vijayan and Dr.A.Krishnamoorthy

A Hybrid Heuristic Approach for Patient Scheduling using Experience Based Learning and Intelligent Water Drops Algorithm
pp. 2191-2202
Authors: S. Janarthanan and T. Aruldoss Albert Victoire

Review Submarine Oil Pipeline Leakage Forecasting Model Research
pp. 2203-2211
Authors: Jing WANG, Gang LIU, Zong-han LEI and Hong-min XU

Study on the Landscape Pattern of Zhifanggou Watershed and its Scale Effect
pp. 2213-2221
Authors: Yanhua Li, Wenhui Zhang, Zhike Liu, Jianyun Zhou and Youyan Guo

A Nature Inspired Bee Colony Heuristic used to Optimize Single Objective (makespan) of Job Shop Scheduling Problem
pp. 2223-2232
Authors: K.C.Udaiyakumar. and Dr. M.Chandrasekaran

An SPR_SM to Predict Dengue Fever
pp. 2233-2242
Authors: V.Srinivasan, A.Iyem Perumal, S.P.Rajagopalan and S.Dheva Rajan

Phytosociological Analysis of Native Species in the Tropical Deciduous Forests around Jharia Coalfield, Eastern India
pp. 2243-2253
Authors: Shruti Mishra and Anshumali

Cost of Road Traffic Noise in Mumbai
pp. 2255-2264
Authors: Ms. Rani Tyagi and Prof. Neelima Naik

Multivariable Feedback Control for the Urban Wastewater System
pp. 2265-2276
Authors: Li-ping Fan, Jian-chao Lv, Chong Li and Xiao-hui Miao





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