International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 9  Number 5  (2014)




Effects of Injection Pressure on the Environmental Emissions and the Performance of a Stationary Diesel Engine Fueled with Renewable Diesel Fuel derived from Pongamia Pinnata
pp. 2277-2284
Authors: Sairam K, Gopinath A and Velraj R

Environmental Emissions and Performance of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Fuelled with Mahua Biodiesel: A Renewable Alternate Diesel Fuel
pp. 2285-2290
Authors: Gopinath A, Sairam K and Velraj R

Effect of Tool Rotational Speed on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Copper Dissimilar Joints
pp. 2291-2301
Authors: M. Felix Xavier Muthu and V. Jayabalan


Selective Fast Pyrolysis of Biosmass to Produce Bio-Oil (Pyrolysis Oil)
pp. 2311-2317
V. Gnanamoorthi, G. Ragothaman, G. Devaradjane

Composition Analysis of Bio-Diesel and its Blends with Diesel: An Overview
pp. 2319-2343
N. Nagarajan and G. Nagarajan

GIS Based Data Mining Classification Approaches for Landslide Susceptibility Analysis
pp. 2345-2357
Venkatesan M, Rajawat A S, Arunkumar T, Anbarasi M, Malarvizhi K

Preparation of Soil Quality Index for Evaluation of Industrial Effluents Impact on Bibinagar Lake Soils and Sediments
pp. 2359-2369
SS.Asadi, M.V.Raju, Aurn.K.Vuppaladadiyam, M.Satish Kumar

Dispersion Modeling of SPM Concentrations in the Vicinity of a Thermal Power Project using ISCST3
pp. 2371-2382
S. Anand Kumar Varma, M. Srimurali and S.Vijaya Kumar Varma

Changes of Educational Environment in China’s Basic Education
pp. 2383-2391
YIN Guo-jie

Extended Local Tetra Pattern for Image Retrieval
pp. 2393-2401
M. Mary Helta Daisy, Aleesha Livingston. L, S.Tamil Selvi

Use of Neural Network Models to Predict University Admission Achievement in Thailand
pp. 2403-2408
P. Naksuwan, K. Saithanu and J. Mekparyup

Design and Experimental Study of Axial Flow Impeller by Increasing Air Flow Rate and Reducing Air Pollution-using CFD
pp. 2409-2418
S.Rajendran, Dr. K.Purushothaman and M.Selvamuthukumar

Comparative Study on the Vegetation Spread Using NDVI over Kerala with Remote Sensed Images
pp. 2419-2426
Shajimon K. John and Dr. T.K. Mani

Parametric Analysis of Cotton Shell and Palmyra Palm Fruit Bunch for Bio Oil in Fixed Bed Pyrolysis System
pp. 2427-2436
P.Madhua, I.Neethi Manaickamb, H.Kanagasabapathyc, E.Natarajand and M.Premalathae

Numerical Study of the Thermal Performance of Salinity Gradient Solar Pond (SGSP) in China South Tropics
pp. 2445-2454
Author: Yi Yang


Autonomous Monitoring of Agriculture Environment by Adoption of Wireless Networking Technology
pp. 2455-2460
C. Yaashuwanth and C. Naresh Kumar

Spatial Distribution and Estimation of Soil Erosion in the Gonghe Basin of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau(China)
pp. 2461-2474
ZhanJiang Sha, Ben La, LingQin Li, Jinzhou Du, Kai Zhang, Shilei Zhao, Mei Ye, Guoyan Fu, Fancui Kon, Weigang Su, Chengguang Yu, Yujun Ma, Yule Zhai

Influence of Art in John Gardner’s Novel
pp. 2475-2484
Tara Thiripurasundari and Dr. R. Ganesan

RPL Optimization for Precise Green House Management using Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 2485-2494
Alagumeenaakshi Muthiah, Dr. Palanisamy Sennappan and Arun Kumar Muruganasamy

Land-Cover Information Extraction of Shuangtaiziestuarine Wetland Based on Rough Set Theory and on Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data
pp. 2495-2509
Zhou Linfei, Chen Qixin and Cheng Qian

Characteristics of Springs along Heifangtai Terrace Margins and as the Indicators of Landslide Development
pp. 2511-2520
Xude Yan, Shouyun Liang, Wanjiong Wu and Jianji Zhou

BP Neural Network Application in the Level of Energy Sustainable Development Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
pp. 2521-2529
Wei SUN and Qing Ren

Plasma Assisted Cracking of a Model Light Tar in Gliding Arc Reactors
pp. 2531-2537
A. Kunnikar and N. Tippayawong

Study and Analysis of Environmental, Psychological, Logical Factors and Elements Influencing Safe Working Principles at Fire Work Industries
pp. 2539-2550
Ravi. A and Dr. Gandhinathan. R

An Overview of Effect of Advertisement on FMCG with Special Reference to Multinational Products in Selected Asian Countries
pp. 2551-2563
A. Nithya and Dr. S. Senthilkumar

The Carrying Capacity of Bunaken National Park Ecotourist Attractions to Achieve Sustainable Ecotourism Development and the Impacts of Ecotourism Activities on the Surrounding Community
pp. 2565-2577
Adrian Paulus Pangemanan

The Effects of Some Types of Green Manure Application toward the Growth and Production of Rice (Oryza sativaL.)*)
pp. 2579-2586
Jeanne Martje Paulus, Johannes E.X. Rogi, Jein H. Senduk

Social and Environmental Impacts on Flood at the Mouth of Tondano River
pp. 2587-2600
Marthen Kumajas

Climate Change Pattern; Its Effect on Hydrophysical Flow and Its Impact on Sediment Deposition on the Upstream of Panasen Sub-Watershed of Lake Tondano
pp. 2601-2613
Maxi Tendean

Efficiency of the Use of Factors of Production of Chrysanthemum Farming in Kakaskasen II Urban Village Tomohon Utara Sub-District Tomohon North Sulawesi Province Indonesia
pp. 2615-2627
Vicky R.B. Moniaga

XAnalysis of Upper Growing (Shoot) on Granola Variety Potatoes which are Developed in Plain Medium
pp. 2629-2638
Johannes E.X. Rogi, Steven H, Kembuan, Johan A. Rombang

Shallow Groundwater Potential through Riverbank Filtration for Water Resources Development
pp. 2639-2651
Leong Chung Sum, S. Syafalni, Ismail Abustan, Rozi Abdullah

Prediction of the Effects of Refrigeration System Parameters on the Performance of a Vapour mpression Refrigeration System Using Design of Experiments
pp. 2653-2662
SP. Arunkumar and P. Koshy Mathews


The Effect of Fertilizers and Harvesting Time on the Absorption of Heavy Metals as, Pb to Brassica Juncea
pp. 2663-2675
Nguyen Thanh Hung, Mai Huong Tra, Xiwang Tang,Puhui Ji, Yan’an Tong


Preparation of Compost for Remediation of Contaminated Soils and Sediments of Pedda Cheruvu: A Model Study
pp. 2677-2686
M. V. Raju1, SS. Asadi , D. Satish Chandra and B. V. T. Vasantha Rao


Real Time pH Neutralization and Dilution Control in an Industrial Non-Linear Process Using LabVIEW based Intelligent Controller
pp. 2687-2698
M. Kalyan Chakravarthi, S.M. Saleem Naveed, Nithya Venkatesan

Variation of Environmental Awareness among the Student in Government High Schools in Solo City Indonesia
pp. 2701-2719
Abdulatti Abdullah Algonin, Ashabani Mohamed Shleag, I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani, and Prabang Setyono

Strength and Index Properties of Phosphogypsum Stabilized Expansive Soil
pp. 2721-2731
Jijo James1, T. P. Meikandan, S. Vidhya Lakshmi and P. Kasinatha Pandian

Elemental Pollutant Distribution in Urban Airborne and Scalp Hair
pp. 2733-2738
Abdelrazig Mohamed Abdelbagi, and M.A.H.Eltayeb,

Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine using Water-in- Diesel Emulsified Fuel and its CFD Analysis
pp. 2739-2749
Suresh V, Amirthagadeswaran K S, Vijayakumar S, Varun B

Research on green traffic development method that based on the key relations among traffic system factors
pp. 2751-2757
Deng Mingjun and Qin Ming

Contamination Effect of Back Waters in Vaddimukkala and Mulukudur Villages of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh
pp. 2759-2765
R. Venkata Ramana, P.V. Nageswara Rao, R. Sai Pridhvi and A.Madhava Rao

Energy Efficient Control Sensor Node Deployment with MobiSink: A Review
pp. 2777-2791
Narendran.M and Prakasam.P

Characterization of Leachate from Taiping Municipal Solid Waste, Malaysia: A Comparative Study
pp. 2767-2776
Rohana Abdullah, Syafalni, Nastaein Qamaruz Zaman, Ismail Abustan




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