International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)



Volume 9  Number 6  (2014)




Environmental and Energy Sustainability and Disaster Risk Reduction, The Indian Experience, The 2013 Uttarakhand Disaster and a Deep mprehension
pp. 2793-2803
Author: Sukanchan Palit

Application of Fine Aggregate by Replacement of Tannery Dry Sludge in Concrete
pp. 2805-2815
Authors: M. Karthikeyan, Dr. B. Asha, and P. Raja Ramachandran

Estimation of Global Solar Radiation in South India Using Artificial Neural Network
pp. 2817-2826
Authors: N. Premalathaa and Dr. A. ValanArasu

Assessment of Impacts on Groundwater due to Opencast Mining
pp. 2827-2854
Authors: K.S.A. Dinesh Kumar , S. Mohan , S.S. Rama Krishnan

Evaluation of Removal Efficiency for Various Organic and Inorganic Contaminants using newlydeveloped TiO2-Coated Bottom Ash
pp. 2855-2864
Authors: Saeromi Lee,Chang Hyuk Ahn, DaeGyu Jang, Min Jun Choi, Jae Ro Park,JinChul Joo

Groundwater vulnerability and Hydrochemical analysis of Disi sandstone aquifer -Jordan
pp. 2865-2877
Authors: Dr Alsharifa Hind Mohammad,Dr Maisaa Shammout,Dr Khaldoun Shatanawi

Improving segmentation accuracy for detecting tree crown using marker controlled watershed with sobel edge detection from LiDAR imagery
pp. 2879-2889
Authors: Menaka. E , Suresh Kumar. S, Hemapriya. V

Application of Indicator Value Method For Benthic Diatom Index Establishment From The Yom River, Thailand
pp. 2891-2903
Authors: Ekkacahi Yana and Yuwadee Peerapornpisal


Preliminary assessment of chemical pollutants (heavy metals) sedimentgeochemistry in Lagos Harbour, Nigeria

pp. 2905-2915

Authors: Awwal Bamanga, Gary Fones and Graham Mills


Fuel Measuring System For Non Linear Tank Using Intelligent Techniques

pp. 2917-2928

Authors: K.Rajasekaran ,Dr.K.Sankaranarayanan


Distributed Power Allocation Strategy Forenergy Harvesting In Wireless Sensor Networks

pp. 2929-2938

Rajasekar. R ,Prakasam, P ,Vennila.R ,


Removal and Recovery of Cd (II) from wastewater using Chemically Activated Carbon Composite

pp. 2939-2958

Authors: Jaslin J. Christopher and K. Muthukumaran


Effect Of Length To Depth Ratio Of Cavity On Performance Of Scramjet Engine Combustion

pp. 2959-2972

Authors: A.S.Arnalt Stalin1, Dr.Y.Robinson


Desorption of phenanthrene and copper (II) from contaminated loess soil by a novel chelating surfactant

pp. 2973-2985

Liping Huang, Baowei Zhao, Jingru Diao, Hongtao Qiao, Tingting Shang, Lijuan Yan


Improvement In Micro-Nutrients Of Alkaline Soils Using Industrial Wastes For Agricultural Purposes

pp. 2987-3004

Authors: Sanjeeva Rayudu. E, Srimurali. M and Venkaiah. K


Identification of Heavy Metals In Real-Time For Portable Instruments In The Field

pp. 3005-3014

Dr. Konstantinos Christidis, Prof. Peter Robertson, Prof. Pat Pollard,Kaliopi Petineri, Authors: Visarion Petineris, and Stavroula Filopoulou,


Improving The Wastewater Treatment Plant Using Eco Bio - Construction Materials, And Effect Of Chitosan On Water Hyacinth Infestation In Sulur Lake Water

pp. 3015-3022

Authors: R. Ilangovan, k. Subramaniam and E. Kayalvizhi









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