International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)


Volume 4  Number 10 spl.  (2013)





Exploring the Applicability of PGPR to Remediate Residual Organophosphate and Carbamate Pesticides used in Agriculture Fields
pp. 947-954
Authors: Sonam Shaheen and S. Krishan Sundari

Social Metabolism: The Kinetics of Entropy and Osmosis in Transforming Farming System
pp. 955-966
Authors: S.K. Acharya and N.K. Sharma

Hot Air Cabinet Drying of Gum Kondagogu (Cochlospermum Gossypium)
pp. 967-974
Authors: Jaspreet Singh and Balwinder Singh 

Small Scale Aquaponic System 
pp. 975-980
Authors: Rashmi Menon, Sahana G.V., Shruthi V. and Suganya R.

Pasting and Thermal Properties of Starch Extracted from Chenopodium Album Grain
pp. 981-988
Authors: Romee Jan, Seema D.C. Saxena and Sukhcharn Singh

Estimatin of Social Entropy: The Dictum of NEO Modernism in Agricultural Knowledge Environment in India
pp. 989-998
Authors: S. Bera and Acharjee S.K

The Suitability of Natural Tannins from Food and Agricultural Residues (FAR) for Producing Industrially Important Tannase and Gallic Acid through Microbial Fermentation
pp. 999-1010
Authors: K.E. Nandini, Apoorva Gaur and S. Krishna Sundari

Nanotechnology and its Application
pp. 1011-1018
Author: Saloni Chadha

Weather Based Agro Indices and Grain Yield of Rice Cultivars Transplanted on Different Dates in Punjab
pp. 1019-1026
Authors: S.S. Sandhu, Prabhjyot-Kaur and K.K. Gill

Studies on Stability of Sugarcane Juice Blended with Anola Juice at Refrigerated and Room Temperature
pp. 1027-1036
Authors: Sangeeta, Bahadur Singh Hathan and B.S. Khatkar

Organic Gardening: A Case Study for Sustainability
pp. 1037-1044
Authors: Sneha Sankar, N. Swarupa, C. Vishnuvardhini, E. Poongkuzhali, and J. Mounika

Farm- Energy Balances of Small Farm Management in India: A Socio- ecological and Techno-managerial Analysis
pp. 1045-1054
Authors: S.K. Acharya G. Ahmad and S Bera

Native PGPMs as Bioinoculants to Promote Plant Growth: Response to PGPM Inoculation in Principal Grain and Pulse Crops
pp. 1055-1064
Authors: N. Mishra and S. Krishna Sundari






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