International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology (IJAFST)

Volume 4  Number 2 spl.   (2013)




Vanadium intoxication in albino rat based on haematobiochemistry and behaviouristic changes
pp. 1-5
Authors: Prabhu N. Saxena, Jyoti Arya, Nishi Saxena and Aparna Shukla

Dalbari, a Traditional Pulses based fermented food of West Bengal
pp. 6-10
Authors: Shankar Prasad Sha, Kriti Ghatani and Jyoti Prakash Tamang

Role of Eco-Friendly Agricultural Practices In Indian Agriculture Development
pp. 11-15
Authors: Mandavi Mishra

Biological synthesis and characterization of lead sulphide nanoparticles using bacterial isolates from heavy metal rich sites 
pp. 16-23
Authors: Noopur Singh and Seema Nara

Ethology of coconut root grub chafer Leucopholis coneophora Burmeister (Melolonthinae: carabaeidae)
pp. 24-29
Authors: P S Prathibha, A R V Kumar and K Subaharan

Food Shelf Life Enhancement: The Preservative Potential of Turmeric 
pp. 30-32
Authors: Rajdeep Deb, Mohit Kamthania and Subhanjan Bhowmik

Effects of cadmium on leaf proteome of spinacia oleracia (spinach)
pp. 33-36
Authors: Rita Bagheri, Humayra Bashir, Javed Ahmad, Affan Baig and M. Irfan Qureshi

Biopotential of microbial antagonists against soilborne fungal plant pathogens
pp. 37-39
Authors: Saba Hasan, Garima Gupta, Shreya Anand, Anjali Chaturvedi and Harpreet Kaur

Social Metabolism: The Kinetics of Entropy and Motivational Energy in Transforming Farming System of India
pp. 40-47
Authors: Acharya and S.K, N. K. Sharma

The Spill and Grid Impact In Social Ecology f Tea Gardens In India: The Change And Direction
pp. 48-56
Authors: Sneha Bera and S.K. acharya

Estimation of Fruit Quality Parameters in Anthracnose Infected Chilli Fruits
pp. 57-60
Authors: V. H. Prathibha, A. Mohan Rao, S. Ramesh and C. Nanda

Assessment of Genetic Variability and identification of genotypes for different traits in Barnyard millet (Echinochola spp.)
pp. 65-67
Author: Vijeta Joshi

Food as Fuel: Prospects of Biogas Generation from Food Waste
pp. 68-71
Authors: Vipul Vaid and Shivangi Garg






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